4th Missouri Company E, CSA/MSG Van Dorn Flag

The following is a narrative given to me by Robert Hancock the Director of Collections at the Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond Virginia:

The Van Dorn pattern flag of the 4th MO Infantry is made of red cotton with silk appliquéd stars and crescent and wool fringe.  The flag was donated to the museum by the son of one of the commanders of the 4th, Waldo Johnson.  Unfortunately, that is all the history we can verify concerning the flag.  According to the donor, the flag was carried at the Battle of Pea Ridge, but that seems unlikely as the Van Dorn pattern flags were not in general usage until after Pea Ridge.  I suppose it could be an early “prototype” since the design is not standard, but there is no way to confirm it.

The following description and pictures are from Jim Bearden who visited the Museum of the Confederacy on July 28th, 2010:

The flag is cloth with silk stars and moon.  The height is 42 inches and the width 72 inches not counting the hoist.  With the hoist the width is 74 1/2 inches.  The hoist is part of the flag and has been folded over and sew. The stars vary is width but 6 inches to 6 1/2 inches seems to be the average.  The crescent is 10 1/2 inches from point to point.  At the widest part the crescent is 3 inches wide.  The fringe is 3 1/4 inches long and is attached to the back of the flag.

More Pictures to come!

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