Missouri State Guard - General Sterling Price

In recognition of his victory at Lexington, MO the women of New Orleans presented Price with this sword and scabbard, reputed to be the finest Confederate sword in existence. The $1,000 purchase price was raised by public subscription with no single donation allowed above $1.00. On the hilt are the state shields of Missouri and Louisiana. The ivory grip is carved to resemble a corncob, while other parts of the sword replicate the forms of tobacco leaf, cotton boil, and hemp stalk. The blade carries the motto: Ense er Virtte per aspera ad alta (By the Means of the sword and by means of courage through difficulties to heaven).

The field glasses were presented to Price by a lady of Memphis, Tennessee on January 1, 1863.

Both artifacts can be found at The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA

Pictures by Jim Bearden

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