Missouri State Guard

The Military bill being passed by the Missouri State Legislature on May 11, 1861 authorized Missouri governor Claiborne Jackson to form the Missouri State Guard from the remanents of the Missouri State Militia to protect the state from invading Unionist armies. General Sterling Price was given command of these troops.

Missouri was divided into nine different districts. The 4th Missouri would eventually made up mostly from the Seventh and Eighth Districts.

District/Division Seven (counties): Carter, Christian, Dallas, Dent, Douglas, Greene, Howell, Laclede, Oregon, Ozark, Reynolds, Ripley, Shannon, Stone, Taney, Texas, Webster, Wright (Commanded by James McBride)

District/Division Eight (counties): Barry, Barton, Bates, Benton, Cass, Ceder, Dade, Henry, Hickory, Jackson, Jasper, Johnson, Lafayette, Lawrence, McDonald, Newton, Polk, St. Clair, Vernon (Commanded by James Rains)

Missouri State Guard flags by Jim McGhee 

Missouri State Guard guidelines generic

Missouri State Guard guidelines specific for us

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