4th Mo, Co E - MSG Guidelines

Missouri State Guard Impression 1861


  • Civilian Overshirt (made from wool, wool jean, cotton, linen, or cotton jean)
  • Civilian Overshirt "Battle Shirt" (made from wool, wool jean, cotton, linen, or cotton jean) trimmed with velvet, wool, or worsted wool tape
  • Civilian Sack Coat (made from wool, wool jean, or linen)
  • Civilian Frock Coat (made from wool broadcloth or linen)
  • Militia Jacket (with documentation)
  • Vest (there is one photo of MSG wearing vest with no jacket)


  • Civilian Overalls (made from cotton or wool jean)
  • Civilian fly or fall front trousers (made from linen or wool broadcloth)
  •  Civilian workman’s trousers (made from wool, wool jean or cotton jean)


  • Civilian slouch hate
  • Civilian bell crown or straight top-hat
  • Straw hat (bell crown or straight)
  • Civilian wheel cap (painted cloth, wool, or straw)
  • Mexican war forage cap


  • Civilian cotton, linene, or wool shirt (white or striped are seen the most common)
  • Printed cotton shirt


  • Civilian pattern (made from cotton or wool) 


  • Wool or cotton knit civilian pattern socks

Cartridge Box:

  • Civilian shotbag (leather or linen)
  •  Haversack
  • M1839 Cartridge Box
  • M1808 Cartridge Box
  • NO Federal or Confederate boxes


  • Civilian double or single roller buckle (leather or cloth)
  • Militia web belt
  • No confederate or Federal belts (a belt is not needed for the impression, so you can go without)

Cap Box:

  • Mexican War Pattern Box
  • Militia Pattern Box
  • Carry caps in pocket
  • NO Federal or Confederate cap boxes

Bayonet Scabbard:

  • Mexican War Pattern
  • Militia web sling pattern
  • Go with our a bayonet and scabbard
  • NO Federal or Confederate patterns


  • Mexican War Pattern (3 button)
  • Cotton or linen civilian pattern
  • NO painted cloth or Federal haversacks


  • Wooden canteen
  • Tin drum canteen
  • Civilian glass bottle
  • Gourd Canteen
  • Mexican War Pattern wood canteen


  • Mexican War knapsack (not Confederate copies of this pattern)
  • Militia Hard Pack

Field Gear:

  • Civilian floorcloth (black or patterned)
  • Civilian ground cloth
  • Civilian tent fly
  • Mexican war tents (maybe)
  • NO Federal shelter tents


  • Civilian hunting rifle (percussion or flintlock)
  • Civilian double or single barrel shotgun
  • M1795 Springfield flintlock
  • M1816/1822 Springfield flintlock or conversion
  • Civilian or Military single shot pistols
  • Civilian or Military revolvers (per 1860 models)
  • Farm tools
  • Wooden clubs
  • M1842 Springfield Musket
  • Mississippi Rifle (M1841)
  • NO M1861 Springfields or Enfields (Unless that's all you have.)

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