4th Mo Co E, What to wear for Men

Do not let anyone of these guidelines discourage you from coming to the ball. The goal of these rules is to help those who are not steeped in knowledge about the 19th Century. Wear your best is the number one goal. If the guidelines seem too strict for what you have, contact Daniel Keith and some sort of compromise will be worked out. Period dress is preferred over modern but that is just a preference.

No gentleman should dress as a woman. If a gentleman attempts this he will not be allowed admittance into the ball.

For those new to hobby you can contact James Country to get the basics. I have already talked to them about what is needed. Just remember the fancier you go the more expensive it gets. If you decide to make your own James Country does also have patterns.

If you choose not to go period you may rent a tuxedo or if you are currently serving in the military your Class As or formal uniform will be great addition to our mix. I have set up an account with Men’s Warehouse for the Fourth Missouri Grande Ball and the group number is 2934423. You don’t have to rent from them but it will give you the basics of what I was thinking about. If you are renting from somewhere other than Men’s Warehouse, the tuxedo needs to have black jacket, tie, pants, socks, and shoes and a black or white vest, ending of course with a white shirt.

  1. Impressions
    1. Confederate - You are more than welcome to do a Confederate impression (any theatre and time period [1861-1865]) but in March of 1861, there were no Confederate forces in Missouri. That being said, to be correct for our timeline and State (Missouri), if you have Southern sympathies you would were either civilian or Missouri State Militia. If you are not sure what to do then wear a Confederate Uniform!
    2. Unionist - If your sympathies lie with the Union and you want to be correct for the time line then you can either be US [1850 to 1865] or Missouri State Militia. If you are not sure what to do then wear your Blues.
    3. Civilian – The nice thing about a civilian impression is that is has great use through out the war. You can wear any color as long as it is BLACK.
    4. Cadet - If you are a youngster but want to wear rank then go with a military school cadet uniform. Think VMI.
    5. Modern
      1. Civilian - Wear a black tuxedo.
      2. Military - Class A's or Formal.
  2. Any period correct formal or military style from 1850 to 1865 is fine to wear.
  3. NO WEAPONS unless you have guard duty appointed by the ball committee.
  4. Unless you are coming in modern formal attire, please avoid things like plastic buttons, zippers, Nylon, etc. All period clothing should be constructed from some form of wool and cotton for shirts.
  5. If you are not familiar with materials and patterns of Civil war era uniforms please do a little research before making your uniform. The sad news is that I have yet to see a costume shop that comes even close to being period correct.
  6. Wear your best and make sure it is clean.
  7. Wear white gloves if you have them.
  8. Period shoes are great but not mandatory as long as the shoes are conservative and BLACK
  9. A sash is fine to wear if worn correctly and it is the correct style, color, and rank appropriate. Please do not wear a sash across the chest. Wearing it this way indicates that you are the Officer Of the Day and the ball committee has already chosen an Officer Of the Day.
  10. RANK – We would like you to wear your highest attained rank in Civil War re-enacting, SCV, or SUVCW. If you want to wear a specific rank to represent an ancestor that is great also. Just be aware of the following:
    1. There is nothing wrong with being a private.
    2. Please make yourself aware of the period correct courtesies associated with rank.
    3. Do not demand or even request period correct courtesies or deference associated with your rank.
    4. You need to be age appropriate for your rank. (i.e., No fifteen year old generals.)
  11. If you wear a belt, have a correct polished buckle. No UPSIDE down US oval belt buckles.
  12. Please don’t come as a specialty impression (Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Mark Twain, etc.) unless you have cleared it with Daniel Keith. The only specialty impression attending currently is Scott George as Governor/General Sterling Price at the request of the ball committee. More may be allowed.

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