4th Mo Co E, Daniels Top Ten of Dinning

Daniel's Top Ten Rules of Dining

Again, just like Daniel's Top Ten Rules of Ball Etiquette the most important thing to remember during the dining experience is that your main goal is to make those around you as comfortable as possible. This seems counter intuitive in today’s culture, but it was the norm in the 19th Century. There are some more complex interactions, but the simple concept of the golden rule basically should guide you through the evening.

  1. Do not wear gloves while dining. The only exception to this rule is unless your hands are extremely soiled.
  2. No talking during any part of the program. You might not want to hear what is going on but please assume the guest at your table want to hear the program and not what you have to say. One would think with adults, this rule would not need stipulation, but alas it does.
  3. Keep your conversation period if possible. Start by not talking about anything modern. Do not use contractions. Avoid first names. Never use profanity, slang, or discuss impolite subjects. These simple steps makes the transition much easier.
  4. Follow standard etiquette when dining. For example, the basic rule with cutlery use. Start from the outside and work your way toward the plate. No elbows on the table. Things we learned in grade school.
  5. Never refer to anyone by their first name. First names are for family, very close friends only and even then not in public. When refering to a gentlemen you use either Mister or if he is very young "Young Master" or by their title, such as Doctor, Captain, etc,. When refering to a lady use Missus, Miss. (Of course in today's world women have titles of Doctor, Captain, etc, also. Since they have earned this title it is their pleasure to whether or not you should use the their title even if it is not period correct.) NEVER EVER refer to an elder by their first name even if given permission.
  6. Gentlemen always stand when a lady stands or approaches the table. This rule has no exception clause unless the gentleman is physically unable to stand.
  7. Gentlemen always attends the chair of their companion. Ladies with huge dresses will need all the help they can get.
  8. Gentleman always attends to the needs of their companion. You may help others, but your first and foremost obligation is to your companion. Avoid if possible attending to the needs of a lady that already has an escort.
  9. Ladies should always graciously accept the assistance from a gentlemen. A gentlemen is showing you honor by offering assistance.
  10. Ladies should never lift your hoops higher than abosolutely necessary. A lady does not show her legs.

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