4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join? 

First you contact someone on the contact list. Second you show up to an event and get a feel for what is involved. Third you consider the cost, from $1000 to $1500 will be spent in the first year. After that you purchase your main kit your expenditures will go way down.

Do I have to spend that much just to try it out?

Not at all. We will supply you with loaner gear for the first few events to make sure this is something that you want to do. Then as the year continues you will start buying your own gear.

What should I buy first?

After you have tried out the hobby and decided you want to do this, then and only then you start buying equipment. Don't buy anything unless you get advice from an officer or veteran of the group. We have standards that we want you to follow. We don't want you to waste money on things that you can't use. Buy a canteen first.

What type of person should apply?

To be member of the team you must be able to edure marching, sleeping outdoors, eating period fixed foods, obey (sometimes stupid) orders, and most importantly you must have a good attidude.

Is the hobby rewarding?

More rewarding than you can imagine. You will learn things about our ancestors that never can be taught by a teacher in a school. You will bond with men that love history and love the South.  

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