Extra Schedule

Company E,

Fourth Missouri Infantry Regiment

2010 Schedule

Date                                      Event                                                   Location                                        Max                 MCWRA

Jan 23rd                               Lee/Jackson Birthday Party       Wilson Creek Battle Field         Company       

Feb 20 th & 21st                Battle of Round Mountain            Yale, OK    

Mar 13th                               Saint Patrick's Day Parade           Springfield, MO                      

Mar 20th & 21st                Battalion Muster                               Nathan Boone Homestead        Battalion       

Apr 24th & -25th              Battle of Plattsburg                          Plattsburg, MO                                                           Yes

May 14th & 16th               Newtonia Documentary                 Newtonia, MO                                 Company      

May 22nd & 23rd             Newtonia Documentary Redux   Newtonia, MO                              

Jun 12th &  13th                Hulston Mill CW Days                     Greenfield, MO                               Company      

Aug 14th & 15th                Pipestone Civil War Days               Pipestone, MN

Sep 17th                                Day of Fasting                                                                                                    Company      

Sep 18th                                Drill - Scott's Manual                        Newtonia, MO                                9 AM til Noon

Sep 25th & 26th                Battle of Pilot Knob                           Pilot Knob, MO                              Battalion        Yes/Max

Oct 16th & 17th                 Battle for Houston                              Houston, MO                                                             Yes/Max

Nov 11th -14th                  Twin Rivers Campaign                      Collierville, TN                             Division        

Dec 4th & 5th                     Battle of Prairie Grove                      Prairie Grove, AR                        Brigade

2011 Schedule

Mar 12th, 2011                  Fourth Missouri Grande Ball          Springfield, MO                            Company        Yes

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