4th Missouri Company E, CSA/MSG Day Of Fasting

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am asking that each member of the Company E, 4th Regiment, Missouri Infantry fast (no eating if it is safe for you to do so) for one full day, September 17th, 2010.  I am also asking that each person take the money they would have spent on food and donate it to a charitable organization.

 In just one more attempt to follow the men/women whom we portray the following is why I am asking this: On September 17th 1864, the men of the Missouri Brigade all fasted for one day and donated their rations. Here is a quote from “The Missouri First and Second Confederate Brigades 1861-1865” by  R.S. Bevier Page 243 (Bolding and italicizing were added by me):

“Sherman was inexorable.  He affected the belief that Atlanta might again be rendered formidable in the hands of the Confederates, and resolved, in his own words, ‘to wipe it out.’ The old and decrepit were hunted from their homes; they were packed in railroad cars; tottering old age and helpless youth were crowded together; wagons were filled with wrecks of households goods, and the trains having deposited their medley freight at Rough-and-Ready, the exiles were then left to shift for themselves. All the wagons and ambulances of Hood’s army were sent to that point to meet and assist the unfortunate exiles. On the 17th of September, the Missouri Brigade fasted for twenty-four hours; by an unanimous vote having instructed their commissary to devote that day’s rations to the starving sufferers, being the first brigade of the forces to make that generous sacrifice. What a contrast to Sherman!  “

Your obedient servant,

Captain Daniel A. Keith
Company E
Fourth Regiment, Missouri Infantry
First Missouri Brigade
Confederate States of America

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