4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Contacts

 Captain Daniel Keith   - I live in Bolivar, MO. I started re-enacting back in 1989 with the 9th Texas Company F out of Dallas, TX. I moved to Columbus, KS in 1992 and joined the 4th Missouri when Bob Harrington was still captain. Soon after I joined Ted Prater was promoted to captain. In 1996 I retired from re-enacting and concentrated on raising kids. In February of 2004 I started to get the itch and called up Captain Sam Looney (now a Major) and got back into the the greatest hobby on earth. I have served as a first and second corporal & first and  second sergeant. On September 16th, 2006 I was elected captain. I am still not sure how all that happened so quickly. You can contact me at the email above or call me at (417)777-2296.



1st Lieutenant / 3rd Sergeant John Ezell  The 150th anniversary of the Civil War prompted me to "fall in" with my friends of the 4th and I have not looked back. It has been truly enjoyable to stand alongside such fine gentlemen representing our ancestors while bringing into public awareness our common history. With my family becoming more involved reenacting events are something we all look forward to.

1st Sergeant Jim BeardenI began reenacting in 2005. The movies Gettysburg and Gods and Generals had stirred my interest. Internet searching and phone calls led to getting started with the 1st Missouri Dismounted. I transferred to the 4th Missouri in 2010. The hobby has brought history alive for me and I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

1st Corporal Ken DuBerry

Mayor Sara Gonzalez

General Sterling Price (aka Scott George)  Long term friends, members of the 8th Tenn. in middle Tennessee, introduced Scott to re-enacting. Scott saw the elephant at Wilson Creek and joined the 8th in several engagements including two national events. Scott joined the Fourth at the battle of Carthage in 2003. From the start he tried to faithfully portray an infantry soldier to help educate the public on life in that era. Rank came soon, starting with 2nd Corpral and moving up to 2nd Sergeant. As the company expanded, Scott was elected 1st Lieutenant. In this rank, Scott has had the opportunity to lead the company within the First Missouri Battalion and on independent missions. Scott had the honor of portraying General Sterling Price in "August Light" a flim about Wilson Creek and the war in Missouri.









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