Battle for Prairie Grove, AR

 2010 Prairie Grove Battlefield reenactment – December 4th – December 5th, 2010

Hindman Hall will be closed because of remodeling - Latta Barn will also be closed from September 10th, 2010 to September 10th, 2011 due to this remodeling of Hindman Hall

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park & Superintendant’s representative during the event will be Holly Houser Cherry – Historical Park Interpreter & Reenactment Event Organizer.  Below are park staff contact info

  • Jessee Cox – Park Superintendent & Park Officer
  • Randall Watts – Reenactment & Black Power Safety Officer for Arkansas State Parks & Superintendent at Lake Charles State Park
  • Danita Angel - Office Manager - Main contact in Museum
  • Jerry McCoskey – Maintenance Supervisor & Park Safety Officer

Superintendant will hold a commanders’ call at the Latta Barn on the Friday evening at 6PM for Brigade Commanders, Battalion Commanders, Brigade Chiefs of Artillery, and Brigade Chiefs of Cavalry.  Designated reps can stand in for commanders not yet on the field. 

Commanders of Troops - Infantry Brigade and Battalion commander

Coordination meetings between the Park and Brigade Commanders will occur on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM. 


Confederate infantry

  • Willie Huckabee, Brigadier General, Trans-Mississippi Brigade
  • Robbie Sanders (1st Arkansas Battalion)
  • Brad Amend (1st Missouri Battalion)
  • Ricky Hunt (Trans-Mississippi Infantry Battalion)
  • Jim Morris, Major - spoke on behalf of the Confederate commanders

CS Artillery

CS Cavalry commander - ? -


Union Commander:

Steven Dunfee, Brigadier General

Brevet Brigadier General Don Gross, Frontier Brigade.


US Artillery commander - ? -


US Cavalry commander -  

Doug Kidd - 1st Arkansas US Volunteer Cavalry Co. A 


This year we are going to try something new for the reenactment. Souvenir Identification Badge will be given to reenactors, civilians that register, their families, and other volunteers.

These Souvenir Identification Badge will need to be worn and be visible to both park staff and company commanders. The identification badge is needed to get supplies and to be part of the battle demonstration.  No one will be allowed to take part without having an Souvenir Identification Badge. 

Uniforms and accouterments must be authentic in style and material.  Weapons should be accurate with infantry carrying military issue black powder rifles or muskets; cavalry armed with carbines, shotguns, and/or revolvers.  Artillery will be full-scale reproductions only.  Swords and sabers will be carried by officers, NCOs, and mounted cavalry only.

Unit Registration:  November 5th Deadline for Units Registration form-The unit contact person will receive a letter, e-mail, or phone call confirming their invitation to the event.  Remember that filling out this form is NOT your invitation to attend.  Each participant will also have to pay $8.00 pre individual fee by November 12th or $10 onsite fee (Please bring small bills) & Registration form to help pay for hay, wood, toilets, and black powder. 

Please fill out this form and return it to: Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, 506 E. Douglas, Prairie Grove, AR 72753, or by fax at (479) 846-4035 or email to:  Submit e-mail registrations through the Brigade POCs or to Jim Morris (  Submit fax and mail registrations directly to the park.

Individual Registration –

Bring completed registration form & $8.00 pre fee or $10 onsite fee (Please bring small bills) to receive the identification badge.

Those bringing horses please remember to let us know during registration.  (Bring your Coggins Papers)

No person will allowed to register unless their Unit is already registered

Checks will not a deposited until after the event

Pre-registration:  $8.00 fee by November 12th

After November 12th only on-site registration will be accepted.  December 3rd –9 A.M. to midnight. - Registration at the Latta Barn &- Re-enactor camp set – up.

Onsite Registration & check –in:

On-site Registration will be accepted on December 3rd –9 A.M. to midnight. - Registration at the Latta Barn

At check-in the pre-registered will sign for their pack and confirm their information.  


Battle layout and planning –

Battle Plan A – will fight the battle in the same direction as the real battle in 1862, N. to S.

Visitor flag line is going to be all the way from the parking lot area down to the re-enactment area.  The spectator area will be set up about an hour before the battle demonstration.  The line will be from the west side of the walkway to the Borden House to the bench on the ridge down the tree line. 

Flag line is going to be in the apple orchard behind the Borden House, three tree rows back for safety.

Battle Plan B (bad weather option) will be W to E like in the last reenactment battle.  Visitor flag line will be like last battle. 


Union Camp– if changes are needed please let me know.

Encampment: around the church and school and down below the split race fence

Artillery will be close to the walking trail for easy movement of cannon. 

Parking – in the field west of Hindman Hall.  A short amount of parking is available along the service road by the maintenance yard.

Supplies – will be by the blacksmith shop in the village area.   

Field hospital unit based near the Dog-Trot house


Confederate Camp   if changes are needed please let me know.

Encampment is going to be 100 yards east of the Borden House. 

Parking – east of the Cavalry camp east of orchard & in the field 100 ft past the confederate camp. 

Supplies will be located in the field east of the orchard, across the road from the Dollar General, including portable restrooms.

Battle line –north of the Borden House

Artillery camp set up east of orchard battle placement will be in front of the Borden House

Field hospital set on the south west corner of orchard


Civilian camping – will be around the amphitheater

Can also be along the tour roadside as this gives spectators an opportunity to observe the camps as they walk to the battlefield. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the planning of the reenactment.  Below is an up-dated schedule and information.  If there are any changes please e-mail me as soon as possible.  Also if you have any suggestions let me know. 

Holly April Houser Cherry, Historical Park Interpreter

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

506 E. Douglas Street Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Office: 479-846-2990

Cell: 479-518-2422

FAX: 479-846-4035

Prairie Grove Battlefield 

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