Battle of Round Mountain at Yale, OK Feb 20th & 21st, 2010


The Good:

1.      Getting out early in the year.

2.      Going to an event that I had never been to before.

3.      Having a small but favorable group.

4.      The 4th looking very good at drill.

5.      The small battle was fun. (Mainly because both sides thought they were supposed to win.)

6.      Being with our Arkansas brethren once again.

7.      It’s always an adventure with Colonel Sanders.

8.      The dance was great, heavily supported by the town’s people.


The bad:

1.      Rain


The ugly:

1.      Buckets and buckets of rain.

2.      Walking our gear out because vehicles could not get to camp site because of rain!


Those in attendance:

1.      Captain Daniel Keith

2.      2nd Sergeant Charles Gentry

3.      Private Mike Blewett

4.      Private Clayton Kelly

5.      Private David Martineau

6.      Private Robert Martineau

7.      Private Dalton Wright


Civilians in attendance:

1.      Elizabeth Martineau

2.      Rachel Vaughn


A letter of thanks from Major Jim Morris:


Please pass on to the 4th Missouri guys who made the trek to Yale last weekend that the Jim Thorpe Foundation and the 1st Arkansas Battalion really appreciated their support.  Your handful of folks made a big difference and allowed us to fight at near parity, at least on the infantry side of things.

The NW 15th Arkansas plans to return the favor at Hulston Mill in June.

Thanks again,



The Battle of Round Mountain 2010 was both good and bad. The usual revelers were in fine form on Friday night. Somehow a horse appeared inside the Colonel's tent.
We had a great battle on Saturday. There were around 120 reenactors and plenty of spectators. The 1st loaned the Feds the 16th ARK for the Saturday fight. The weather made the gunsmoke hang in the air along with the fog that covered the field. The crowd was seemingly impressed with the fight as they cheered on the side they preferred. It was most likely one of the most spirited fights we've had there. However on Saturday night the rains came. There was some serious water coming through most of the tents by 1:00am. Lee Burdine and Colonel Sanders determined to call off the Sunday battle and cancel the event. It has taken almost a week to get the equipment and cloth gear back in shape.

Major Jim Morris



Dear Colonel Sanders:


My compliments!

On Friday evening, February 20th of this year, the 4th Missouri arrived to assist were possible our brothers from the Arkansas battalion. Though not many were able to make the long journey for the fight, the ones that did were excited and anxious to do their part.

Since our number was few, we encamped with the 15th Northwest Arkansas. Captain Clint Morris and I discussed who would lead the men on the first day of battle and through drill. I was elected with Captain Morris commanding the combined unit on the following day.

During drill a few more men were added the combined company. I must say all the men from the Arkansas battalion drilled magnificently. It was a pleasure to serve with them.

The combined company was designated as the 1st company. News of Yankee movement in the area was confirmed and the battalion went to do battle. It wasn’t long before contact was made. Our long guns poured shot at the advancing enemy. Although they took causalities they continued to press.

I was ordered by Colonel Sanders to place my first platoon in a skirmish line in front of the battalion. After exchanging some rounds, we regrouped with battalion. I was ordered to take the first platoon and help with the refusing of our right flank. While the 2nd platoon continued to press forward. After some bitter fighting, we retired to give the field to the enemy. Our casualty list was 4 killed, 3 wounded, and 1 missing.

That evening the men attended a dance put on by the town folk. Much merriment was made.

Through early morning hours a great storm came upon us. The rain continued to the point that operations were no longer feasible. All the men were asked to return home for safety and resupply.

As always it was a pleasure to serve under your command.

Your obedient servant,

Daniel Keith

Captain, 4th Missouri


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