4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Turkey Shoot July 14th, 2007

I just wanted to say thank you for all those that showed up for the Live Shoot.  Everybody was very patient and safe as rounds were flying down range and hitting their targets (well, at least for some).  It seemed like everybody had a good time.  We had 19 attending the event with 12 people participating in the musket shoot.

Over 80 rounds of 58 caliber were fired through Enfields and Springfields and Capt. Kieth and Travis with Big Tom (69 caliber smoothbore) made some nice shots and loud noise.  Food wise, the side dishes were great and the pistol shooting was put on hold for homemade icecream.  Eat Eat Eat Headache Headache Headache Eat Eat Eat Headache Headache Headache.  Boy was it good.

Target wise...Beth (Capt. Kieth's daughter) led the way with highest overall score for the entire group shooting.  Travis Franklin took the mens catagory just 1 point out of the lead from Beth.  We also had a chance to shoot at 300 yards and view a target at 500 yards.

Friend of the family (Shad Sheperd) gave a demonstration of the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association). 

Again, Thank you to all those that could make it and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and safe fun shooting (especially since I didn't have to take orders from the Captain).  I hope that we will have another chance next year for a family day and live shoot and possibly develop a 4th MO competition shooting team.

I believe that I have Travis Franklin's pie dish and John  Duff's wiffle bat.  I also have a lot of foam plates, plastic ware, 16 oz. plastic cups, and spiced cider left.  Please contact me to make arrangements if you would like them back.


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