4th Missouri Company E, CSA/MSG - Trenton, MO 2006

To All,

Over all it was a good small event. The event sponsors went out of their way to accommodate us.

The Good

  1. Two free meals.
  2. We where right next to the sutlers. The Union boys where the ones a long ways off.
  3. The straw, firewood, and water where very close by and plentiful.
  4. A nice fight on both days.
  5. We charged a fortified location on both days.
  6. Camped next to the 9th Texas. Those are a bunch of fun loving heathens.

The Bad.

  1. Rain!
  2. Idiot chief of police!
  3. Rain!

The Ugly

  1. Numbers! Only 5 people from the 4th MO where there. One Captain, Two Sergeants, 1 Musician, 1 Private.
    1. Brad didn’t let us consolidate. When we marched and did our normal company, battalion drill at spring muster, it looked sad. On the upside, our “By Company in the Line” was perfect. It’s hard to mess up when there are only 3 soldiers in your column.
    2. Poor Jim had to be the Front and Back number 1 and 2 Man. He was running a lot. It’s not good to tire the cook out.

The 9th Texas was considering coming to Newtonia on the weekend of April 22nd and help us with our little recruiting scenario but they where having second thoughts when they saw our low numbers. They where worried that they would travel a long ways and there would only be 5 of us there. If we would have had more numbers at Trenton it would have been a slam dunk.

If you can make it to Newtonia we need to know as soon as possible so we can assure the 9th Texas that there will be more than 5 of us there. Please email Sam ASAP on whether or not you can come to Newtonia.

Over all we had a good time at Trenton.

Hope to see all of you at Newtonia.

Daniel A. Keith

1st Sgt, Co E, 4th MO Inf CSA

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