4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Shoal Creek, MO May 2005

 I personally had a very good time at this event. Weather was good and our military camp had the best location. First I would like to thank the ladies who came. It is always nice to look up and see ya'll.  We had quite a few soldiers show up Saturday & with our step brothers (3rd Dism) and prospective recruits, made a respectable fighting force. Saturday the battles were good. From the coups de grace I administered to a wounded Yank to the shattering of the grist mill windows to the duel between the artillerists and a few of the 4th's bravest, very good indeed. We, however took many casualties, for Sunday morning found our ranks considerably thinned. Because of business I had to attend to & also a poco siesta forced upon my body, I missed Church services. I have been told the services were wonderful. Testimonials that were moving to many. As for Sunday's battle, I would like to thank Col. Amend for his posting of the 4th. The battalion was posted behind the artillery.  The 9th Sharpshooters were sent out as skirmishers, with the 4th detailed as their cover. We were situated near the end of the spectators and I ordered the men into one rank, kneeling. This made us very unnoticeable - also I think the Yank Cav had tunnel vision. Their Cav rode out hard upon the skirmishers, intending upon an easy victory. The 4th rose, administering a lethal volley to their backs, advanced-fired again, advanced-fired again. By this time, the blue bellies had recognized their perilous position and broke off their attack on the skirmishers allowing their escape. In a feeble attempt to save face, recognized as such by all, they made their exit by a hokey circus act of riding around us and off the battlefield. Everyone, military & spectators, knew that there would have been nothing but empty saddles. I did not hear, but was told, the battalion and artillery cheered the 4th for our withering destruction upon the wicked invader. We double quicked back to the accolades of our comrades and the wide smile and well done of our Colonel. Now the fight began in earnest. During the entire battle, our company switched fronts and refused the line many times in order to battle both infantry and cavalry. Without a doubt we could have killed 100 troopers that day. I want to state here - I could have not been more proud of you men. The discipline and safety consciousness you displayed was without equal. In all the shifting, ALL men held their fire until they were in a line and there was no hazard. I observed that was not the case in some other companies. All in all, it was one of the best fights, maybe the best, I have been in after 11 years of reenacting. Give yourselves a Big Pat On The Back. Better men are not made, Fact!

Capt Sam

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