4th Mo Co E, Battle of Plattsburg Apr 24-25, 2010


The Good:

1.       Drill competition

2.       Harold Cox attending

The Bad:

1.       Not allowed to march on the streets for the flag dedication

2.       Sparseness of firewood

The Ugly



Soldiers in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith                                        

1st Lieutenant Scott George                               

1st Sergeant Laurence Bryan                             

Private Harold Cox                                           

Private Jacob Delker                                          

Private Clayton Kelly                                        

Private Jim Moran                                             

Private Dalton Wright                                      


Civilians in attendance:

Katelyn Langford (Sat)

Maxine Moran

Teri Spencer (Sat)


Dear Major Dave Burnos,

My compliments!

I would like to state that I am much appreciative of you taking command of the troops and the fine job you did giving the enemy what for.

My company arrived on the evening of April 23rd of this year to form up and deal a hard blow to the Yankees that have been scourging the country side.

You appointed me as your Right Wing commander and Lt Jim Bearden as your adjunct.

Our battle plan was simple. Push the Yankees from our land. It started out well but our right gave and with inadequate cavalry support we retreaded from a very aggressive enemy.

A dance was held and well attended by not only soldiers but the town folk too.

After church services the confederate troops given a surprise, an odd occurrence of troop gentlemanly conduct when the men under your command where challenged to a drill contest against the Yankees. Captain Christian Schuster was chosen to lead a crack group of soldiers through standard drills. Although the judges took their time in calculating their scores, even to the casual observer the Confederates we the best on the field.

A flag was dedicated to the Confederate troops before Sunday’s battle.

Not long after, the command was taken out once again to drive those Yanks from our home land. It was an easy task for the Federals had little stomach for a fight.


Your obedient servant,


Acting major

Daniel Keith

4th Missouri, Company E




Col. Amend. and officer of the 1rst. MO Battalion,


I would like to report that on Sunday April 25th a consolidated company of 18 from across the 1rst MO Battalion including members of the 3rd. MO, 4th MO, 1rst MO Dis. and 4th Ark meet the Federals on the drill competition field at Plattsburg MO. This drill competition was observed and judged by a representative from both the Federal and Confederate commands with points being awarded based on crispness of maneuver, proper command, and general knowledge of drill. I am pleased to report that the consolidated company from the 1rst MO Battalion soundly beat the Federals and was presented with a certificate of award for this first ever drill competition between Mid West Federal and Confederate forces. This certificate will be presented to the 1rst MO Battalion Staff at the Holden Mo event. GOD BLESSES the 1rst Missouri Battalion!!!!!!!!!



Captain Christian Shuster

Crowley's 3rd. MO Inf.

1rst MO. Battaion.




Colonel Brad Amend

Sir I was approach by Captain Daniel Keith of the 4th Mo. He would like to bring up charges against Captain Steve Montgomery of the 1st Mo Dismounted. For the incident that happen at Ash Grove. Capt Keith is accusing Capt Montgomery for taken his clothes that he lay out before he drill his men. When I ask Capt. Keith if had proof he said that he can come up with some witness that would say that saw Capt Montgomery taking the clothes.

I them ask Capt Montgomery if he had anything to do with it of corse he deny the whole thing. My understanding that the clothes was found in Capt Keith 1st Sergeant tent. Capt Keith is requesting a panel of officers the hear case and pass judgment on the accused.

I told them both that I would send a massage to you and see what you want to do about this. My understanding that Capt Montgomery is upset about this matter and he is seeking legal help from the law firm of Shyster and Shyster. If I remember This is the same law firm that defend the some of the member of the fame Pink Flamingo years ago.

Your Obedient Servant
Major Dave Burnos
1st Missouri Battalion

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