4th Mo Co E, Pipestone, MN August 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen:


We received a warm welcome from the residents of Pipestone, Minnesota. I think deep down they acknowledge the justness of our cause.


The weather was cool and moist and we where awaken with a rain. Not a bad one mind you just enough to get everything wet. Around 7 AM some yanks and our pickets got into a spat. It quickly stirred up into a major fight. When the Missouri boys where just about put into the fight the Yanks gave up and went back into camp. Later that morning we got ourselves into a spat with some blue bellies. Out numbered 2 to 1 our good Captain instructed us to take the high ground. Some how these Yanks could take direct musket fire in their flanks and at point blank range and still not be harmed and continued to march straight at us. We declared a truce and allowed them to return to their camps if they signed a non aggression oath. Finally a battle ensued around 3:00 PM. The Yanks did not fight according to plan so we had to adjust our tactics to meet the new threats. We quickly dispatched them to the underworld and won the day. A grand meal and dance was held later that evening and we all enjoyed our festivities. President Lincoln had been seen but since we had signed a truce for the evening we where unable by honor to dispatch him to the other side of the river.



Off and on it rained at night but the ground to it well. We had church service in at the fort and both Blue & Gray worshipped the Almighty. After I preached a short sermon, we sang a song and a Lutheran lay preacher started. That’s when the rain started and didn’t give up until late morning. I am not sure if it had anything to do with him being Lutheran or not but it made me wonder. It rained hard for a long time up us where comfortable in our lean to provide by the good Captain. Around 2 PM the second battle started and the Missouri boys where stationed in a grand place to hit the enemy in the rear. But the Col wanted us up at the front and the Captain, being a man that follows orders, had join our Confederate brethren in the front of the battle. We where fed in by company to face the entire Union battalion and the end of the battle was not pleasant for the Southern cause. Our men fought with bravery and held our line until death. Few escaped.

It was a good weekend. Either the ground was very porous or very dry because despite the rain we didn’t have much mud to contend with at all. Everyone was very friendly and a good time was had by all. We had 11 men from the 1st MO Battalion.

The Good:

  1. The Weather: 78 was the high. Some rain.
  2. Saturday night dinner
  3. Saturday night dance.
  4. Yanks break scenario and we don’t advance as a column into the works.
  5. Our impromptu “rolling thunder” was fun and well executed.
  6. The other Missouri boys that fell in with us.

The Bad:

  1. Our initial plan to attack the Yanks. High marks go to the Col for wanting to try something different. And it was used effectively a few times in the Civil War and once against the MO boys. Unless it happened quickly though we would have been massacred.

The Ugly:

  1. Nothing. This was a good event.

Thanks for all that came. And a special thanks to Scott George for giving me a ride there and back. I really appreciate it.

Daniel A. Keith



I think the ugly was when a Temperance Lady invaded our camp persuading the Captain to be allowed to search our belongings. When she found medicinal flasks in both the 1st and 2nd Sgt's gear, obviously planted by nefarious scallywags, the sermonizing did commence. Thankfully, a 10-year old girl came by carrying a bottle of (root) beer; thus, diverting Lady Temperance from venting her fully fury on our innocent noncoms.

Most noteworthy, our beloved Captain fell under her spell spending the night in her clutches. Fortunately, we were able to rescue him, none the worse for wear, before we broke camp the following afternoon. Even more fortunate, we were able to rescue the flasks allowing us to treat our beloved soldiers should they suffer from minor ailments such as the common cold.

Cough, cough.

Your Obedient Servant,

Sgt. Scott George

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