4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Pipestone, MO August 2004

 We survived the fight up north. It was a good little event. They had lots of good programs, the community was great, weather fantastic. Those that went, thank you from the bottom of my big old griping heart. The public battles & tacticals were  lots of fun. They were also a real eye opener for me. Sometimes I think folks may take their family for granted and see nothing but their weaknesses until they see another family really screwed up. Well, I will tell you, I will never take our 1st Mo Battalion for granted. I pity those poor yanks up there. They just do not have the aggressive, fighting spirit we have. There is no innovation, no audacity, no thinking out of the box. Although the 4th was the smallest company I always felt we were the biggest. We showed em how we fight in the 1st MO and we kicked their ass in the tacticals. Heck, even when we were supposed to allow ourselves to be whipped on Sunday, they could not do it. We finally just had to skedaddle. Any way, it is good to be home, see you all soon.

Your Obedient Servant

Capt Sam Looney

Co. E, 4th Mo Inf

1st Mo Battalion

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