4th Mo Co E, Pilot Knob, MO September 22nd & 23rd, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You know  you had a good reenactment when you and your riding buddy talk the entire 3 1/2 hour trip back to home about said reenactment. I would like to also state that we had several complements about our drill. My many thanks. 

The Good:

  1. Having a total of 14 men representing the 4th.
  2. Seeing the whole battalion back together again.
  3. Seeing many of my friends from the battalion again.
  4. Battalion drill. Mind you, I never have just loved drilling, but I thought the battalion did well and the 4th did great.
  5. Mike Blewitt taking on the role of cook for Charles.
  6. Laurence Bryan going the extra mile.
  7. Dizz's hard tack.
  8. Payroll again. Thanks again Scott.

The Bad:

  1. It was hot.
  2. Long  battle Saturday. Not that it was long but it was long and not doing much but then all of sudden doing it at the double quick.
  3. Not much shade for infantry.


The Ugly:

  1. The cussing around women and children. Nobody in the 4th was that way but man o man several other men in the battalion should learn to watch their words around civilians and on lookers.

The AAR:


Dear Major Looney:

On Friday evening most of the company arrived. Camp was established and set in good order. The 4th was giving one of most advantageous spots in the battalion considering the ground given for camping. You are to be thanked for that sir. Through out the weekend we where unprecedented access to the locals to present our cause in a just and upright way. Even a Yankee family from New York considered us kind and somewhat understood our plight.

Saturday morning we where greeted with the arrival of more troops and a good breakfast. Private Blewett was given an on the field promotion to corporal since both our 1st and 2nd corporals where absent. The 2nd Sgt inspected the troops and the 1st Sgt & I drilled the troops in basic maneuvers. A flag ceremony was conducted for the entire battalion at the battalion parade. We where the 7th company in the line. The Elliot Scotts where positioned to our left. After morning Parade I took the men in sight of the fortifications but outside of effective sniper range. There I drew a line on the ground and offered relief to anyone who did not want to storm the fort. You sir, will be proud to know and not surprised that everyman of the 4th stepped in unison to go into certain death. The battle for the fort started off with our field pieces hammering the Yankee positions. When then marched toward with the intent of taking the fort. The left wing split from rest of the battalion and hit the fort on its right flank. Our first charge was repulsed with few causalities. At that point the right wing had made two charge and where pushed back both times taking more loses. The finale charge was made by the entire battalion but it too was repulsed. Losses where heavy. The 4th lost 1 officer and 8 enlisted.

Saturday evening we tended our wounded and paid our soldiers. Moral improved since we had a dance put on by locals. One private was captured by a local women but was able to escape with his good name in tack.

Sunday morning more troops arrived to fill our depleted ranks. We ate a good breakfast and had church service. Tactically we regrouped decided to attack as one large battalion instead of piece meal. In our attack was much like the first day except we took less causalities the first two pushes into the fort. I was going to split our company off on our own and hit the trench with crossing fire from their right flank on the third charge but they removed their troops back into the fort too quickly. We still where unable to take the fort and causalities where high again. the 4th lost 11 enlisted men.

After two near victories that turned ruinous for us we backed up and now are headed to fight at Cabin Creek, OK.

Your Obedient Servant,

Captain Daniel Keith

4th Mo Co E, Inf CSA/MSG

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