4th Mo Co E, Elections/Parade Newtonia, MO September 16th, 2006

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

Our annual parade and elections are complete.

The election results are as follows:

Capt: Daniel Keith

1st Sgt: Jim Moran

2nd Sgt: Scott George

1st Cpl: Harold Sites

2nd Cpl: Richard Morris

I am honored to be elected captain of the illustrious 4th MO. I will do my best to serve in a manner in keeping with tradition and honor of the captains that served before me.

I am proud to have all the NCO’s that we have. If I succeed as captain it will because of these men working with me. I feel they are the best in the battalion.


Since Jim is now our 1st Sgt he will no longer be able to perform the duties of the sole cook. We have changed the procedure of our preparation of the food.

1)    Jim and I will buy food for the company (You will be asked to contribute monies for reimbursement.)

2)    Jim will assign a duty roster of men to cook and clean.

3)    The ladies of the 4th will cook one meal a weekend for us.

Since the ladies are cooking one meal and the events usually provide one meal, then this will mean that we will only have to cook 3 meals for a weekend. I hoping no one will look upon this as a hardship and will consider it just part of the experience.

Scott George did a lot of work, research, and spent his own money on the muster and payroll. He deserves high praise for that a lone. Then he went through all the work of conducting the muster and payroll. I really enjoyed the ceremony and the pay.  I think traditions like these are important in the building of a unit.

Thanks again Scott. My inability to express myself serves no justice to you and how much I appreciate your work on this.



Capt Daniel A. Keith

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