4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Newtonia, MO Sept 10 2005

 Ladies & Gentlemen,

Another Newtonia has come and gone. We had a very good turn out, both soldiers and civilians. We had 3 inquiries about joining up. That is because of YOU. The elctions are over. As I have said, I do not like elections, for they sort of pit friend against friend. Even so, they are necessary. Thank you for your confidence in me again as your Captain. I will serve to the best of my limited abilities. Captain & 1st Sgt ranks were filled for 2 years and all other ranks for one year. Thank you for the fine men you have given me to work with; Daniel Keith - 1st Sgt, Harold Sites - 2nd Sgt, Todd Stewart - Cpl, Scott George - Cpl. These are very good selections. Many men received votes and any man in the 4th would have done a first rate job. I was impressed that so many were willing to step up. The discussions and decisions, I believe, went well. I hope all that was said, particularly by me, was received the way it was intended. All for the common good and enjoyment. Not to pick on anyone nor hurt any feelings. I hope to take what I learned in these discussions and from my observations the last 11 years and compile them in a manual to be presented to all now in the 4th and to any new members coming in. It will be Camp Etiquette of the 4th Missouri, Military & Civilian. This will be guidelines and traditions to help us all enjoy the reenacting experience. It will be written not to condemn but to help. The main theme  to keep in mind, Is what I do a hinderance or greivance to my compadre? There are many types of personalities within our group. That is a positive. Try to always have empathy with others. See things as they do. If you wish to contribute thoughts to this manual, please do. Email, phone or mail me with them.  As Captain and as chief writer & editor of this manual, I will retain the option of inclusion, but all ideas will be considered.  Anyway, Good Newtonia. Those going to Corinth, see you there. Those that survive and those not going, see you at Cane Hill.

Capt Sam 

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