Elections/Parade Newtonia, MO September 15th, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

What a great day, except for the minor rain. Thank you all for coming out and participating. I really appreciated it.

We had 5 new members join who had never participated in an event.

We had a great number of men & women show up and it was good that all did. We had 9 men sign our muster sheet. Over 15 men where paid 2 months of salary. We marched in a down poor. I threw in “By Company in the line”; “Right Wheel”; “In two ranks right face” and “Present Arms” just to add to challenge of marching in rain.

The results of the election where as follows:

Captain Daniel Keith

1Sgt Jim Moran

2Sgt Scott George

1Cpl Charles Gentry

2Cpl Chris Warwick

The Good:

  1. Number of men that showed up. 22 total.
  2. Being able to march in columns of 4 and it looked good because of the number of men in our group.
  3. Having 5 brand new men sign up.
  4. Jim Bearden falling in with us.
  5. The town of Newtonia treated up us to breakfast and lunch. Newtonia is always good to us.
  6. Did I mention the number of men that showed up. 22 total.

The Bad:

  1. The rain or as I like to call it, a very heavy fog.

The Ugly:

  1. Nothing.

Your Obedient Servant


Captain Daniel Keith

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