4th Mo Co E, Newtonia Doc Redux May 22-23, 2010

 Over 100 photos of the shoot here!

Newtonia, Mo

27 May 2010

Dear sir,

I am reporting to you on the outstanding conduct performed by men of the 4th Missouri CS at the recent event in Newtonia, Missouri.

Under unexpected heat and a demanding overlord, your men along with those from Arkansas, Louisiana and the Indian Territory, conducted themselves as soldiers and gentlemen in trying circumstances. I want to commend them all for their exceptional duty. It was an honor.

James Ridenour

Acting Sergeant-Major, Newtonia



Good day to Ya'll,


Hope this report finds everybody in good health, good spirits, and good company.

Our event (Newtonia May 22-23, 2010) started on Saturday with a great breakfast supplied by the civilians/church of the town.  Muster was called and the following were in attendance to take up arms against the enemy (hopefully I got everybody):

4th Missouri

Jim Moran

Robert Martineau (getting married in July to Rachel)

Rachel Vaughn

David Martineau

Elizabeth Martieau (getting married in June)

Diz Carver

Harold Sites

Ed George

Eathan George

Steve Cottrell

Charles Gentry

Greg Gentry

Other Units

John Kesola (15th Ark)

Brian Thatcher (Robinson's Artillery)

Marvin Boyce (1st Ark)

Colten Clifton (4th Mo. Cav)

Jimmy Walker (2nd Ark)

Ron Hodge (1st Ark Cav)

Tom Robinson (Robinson's Artillery)

Doug Laman (Guerilla)

David Jackson (Oklahoma Native American)

Our unit was split into smaller units.  One unit went to the Richtey Masion and assualted the wall.  Reports were good though there may have been a few banged up knees.  The rest of us went down and attacked the union across a creek.  A detachment was sent forward to find the enemy lines.  Upon detection, the main body was pressed into service to push the Union soldiers back.  In one of the engagements (of which several were done/repeated), we took near 60% casualities.

From there we were provided with a much needed break, cool down, and meal (again provided by the civilian/church population of Newtonia).  After this, a large battle was to be waged with great success against our foe.  Charge after charge we did (including Diz Carver...how he does it is a mystery only known by God), chasing the union soldiers off the field.  We even captured their flag.  Then the tactics were changed to include cavalery.

After a long day of hard fighting, pursueing the enemy endless times, we were given a break and feasted on a meal fit for the general staff.  Later on, union soldiers ran through the night looking for confederate soldiers and supporters with horses and torches.  After putting in a 14 hour day, our soldiers were given a chance to rest and relax.

The next day, do to low supplies of ammunition, most of our fighting resulted in hand to hand combat.  NO soldier was left out and they fought their way through the lines.  Our native american allies proved their worth in slaying soldier after soldier.  It did not matter, from age 12 to 100+(Diz) they fought hard to hold their ground and drive the union soldiers back.  Wave after wave we encountered, but we held firm until the task was completed. 

When the dieing quit wailing, we went about our business of securing our equipment, some went to church, and others began their long journey home.


Plenty of room for camping out and drilling

Great service from the citizens of Newtonia and the video staff

Plenty of water

Blue had to stand in the sun

I didn't get demoted since no officers or 1st Sgt. was present

Great attitude by all those participating, especially with the day going so long on Saturday

Watching Diz manhandle a 20 year old in hand to hand fighting

Good explanation from the director Paul Warrrenmacher about why things were done the way they were

The union soldiers so willing to RUN AWAY, time after time after time

Having a bugler (Eathan)

Most important, everybody concentrating very hard on safety since we were doing things out of the ordinary


No officers or 1st Sgt were present

Tiggers and chicks were thick (oops...chiggers and ticks)

Having to change some tactics for the needs of the short time video spots

2nd Sgt taking command (Everybody laugh)


Overall, great time.  The objectives for the weekend were completed.  Nobody was hurt and as far as I know, no damaged equipment either.   Again, what made this so successful was the great attitude that everybody had (maybe because we had no officers...Ha).

2nd Sgt.

Charles Gentry 

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