4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Newtonia, MO Sept 2004

Had a good time at Newtonia. The Nelson wedding was nice & the parade went off very well. I sure did like having Sweet William sing & carry the colors for us. Good touch. A real special thanks to Capt Robert & Outlaw Davy for coming.  Sean has made a little video from Newtonia. Lots of folks got some good pictures. Diz, ya sure looked good, especially with the hat. Doc, your baby sure is pretty. Daniel, thanks for bringing Todd. He will make a fine addition to our family, I do believe. Jingleheimer, take it easy on the shrimp. As usual, the ladies were first rate. The only negative the whole weekend was the yapping dog. I will put a $25 bounty on its hide. Elections results:

Capt - Me

1st Sgt - Yancy

2nd Sgt - Mike G.

1st Platoon Cpl - Richard

2nd Platoon Cpl - Harold S.


Capt Sam

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