Elections/Parade Newtonia, MO September 13th, 2008

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

Newtonia was a grand success. We added five new recruits to our muster roll.  It did rain a little but not enough hurt any thing.


The results of the election are as follows:

1st Lieutenant/3rd Sergeant – Scott George

2nd Sergeant – Charles Gentry

1st Corporal – Chris Warwick

2nd Corporal – Laurence Bryan


I still have the ballots so if anyone wants to review them, I will be happy to go over it with you. We had 10 different men nominated for the positions. I think that shows our strength in confidence in everyone.

Next year all positions will be up for election, from Captain to 2nd Corporal.

I am very proud to serve with each of these men and I am sure they will do their duty for the cause.

The Good:

1.      Wes Franklin being the new care taker of the Ritchey Mansion

2.      Fine people of Newtonia

3.      Pancake breakfast

4.      Lunch

5.      Election.

6.      Five new soldiers

7.      Drill


The Bad:

1.      Heavy fog or as some call it ‘Rain’.


The Ugly:

1.      Attendance – Although we had 18 it should be more. It’s Newtonia!


We have four more events for 2008.


Battle of Prairie Grove, AR:

Our goal is 30 man company for Prairie Grove, AR this year, even if it is only for Saturday’s battle. If you have any friends that used to be in 4th or any old unit, please contact them and see if they would like to join us for the weekend.  If they need cartridges or caps let me know and I am sure the company could supply something. Since we will have 5 new soldiers at Prairie Grove extra muskets will be in short supply.


Those in attendance:

Major Sam Looney

Captain Daniel Keith

1st Sergeant Jim Moran

2nd Sergeant Scott George

1st Corporal Charles Gentry

Musician Travis Franklin

Private Laurence Bryan

Private Jacob Delker

Private John Duff

Private Wes Franklin

Private Greg Gentry

Private David Hunt

Private Allen Lee

Private Robert Martineau

Private Jack Robinson

Private Joel Sappington

Private Ty Shirley

Private Phillip Waldrop



Cheryl Franklin

Jenna Gentry

Tracy Gentry

Elizabeth Martineau

Maxine Moran


Captain Daniel Keith

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