4th Mo Co E, Newtonia Documentary May 14th, 2010


There is a common theme for this AAR.

The Good:

1.       Thursday evening was nice

2.       Good to see those who were present.

The bad:

1.       Rain on Friday

2.       More rain on Friday

The Ugly:

1.       I forgot to call David Hunt and tell him that it was called off.

2.       More rain.

Soldiers in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith

1st Lieutenant Scott George

2nd Corporal Ryan Truster

Private Harold Cox

Private David Hunt

Private Johnathan Clark

Private John Duff

Private Jim Moran

Private Dalton Wright

Private Rachel Vaughn


Civilian in attendance:

Maxine Moran


We arrived Thursday evening and set up camp. The evening went uneventful. Private Dalton Wright was picked to be in the hospital scene.

Friday morning we woke up to rain.

We went to breakfast in the rain.

More rain. Event called off due to, you guessed it, rain.

Packed stuff up and everything was soaked.

We drove home in the rain.

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