4th Mo Co E, Newtonia Clean Up May 31st, 2008

The clean up at the Ritchie House went well. From 9 to noon we mainly picked up debris. The house has come a long way. They have repaired the roof and chimneys. It still needs some inside repair. Thanks for all you came out and helped.

Attendees where:

Daniel Keith

Scott George

Elizabeth Martineau (She could work any man into the ground.)

Robert Martineau

Joel Sappington

Ron Wu (A friend of mine from work)

We are still having our elections on September 13th, 2008 in Newtonia. There will be considerably less shade but we will participate none the less. I know the Ritchie Mansion will have an open house but I don’t know if the town will have its fall festival. (The town took a terrible hit and has a long recovery path.) I have secured a spot on stage for anyone in the 4th that wants to display their talents.

Daniel Keith

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