4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Corydon, IN July 9th & 10th, 2005

My family and I went to the “Morgan’s raid on Corydon, IN”. I was asked to galvanize so I fell in with 4th Ohio Company B.

First the bad.

1)      Fuel pump went out on my suburban 30 minutes from the sight at 10:30 PM on Friday night. Cost me $340 to have it towed and fixed. That is always a bad start to any trip.

2)      Cars everywhere. After the 7 PM one lady went to shorts and a tank top and turned her stereo on to “Last of the Mohicans” loud enough to permeate the whole Union camp. Not cool.

3)      100 degree heat.

4)      At the double quick.

5)      Night fight – Dismounted confederate cavalry came near the camps and unloaded there pistols, got into their pickups and drove off. I was not amused.

6)      CSA Infantry. My grandmother could fight better and she is dead.

7)      Women in the ranks.


The Good. 

1)      The 4th Ohio Co B is the fightness bunch of chicken thieving Yankees I have every met.

2)      I was well accepted and everyone was very friendly to me with the exception of the guy who couldn’t stand it that I couldn’t march in step. Sorry but I am just like Diz in that respect.

3)      The Confederate Calvary had a dog and pony show off site. The Fed’s set up an unscripted ambush for them when they where coming back. A nice little welcome home present. I knew then that I was with a good group.

4)      The Ohio Inf fought in coordination with Cav. So we where at the double quick everywhere. We where out numbered at least two to one. We where scripted to lose both battles but could have easily taken the rebels cannons on the first battle. The Yanks theory is that “just to line up and burn powder is a waist of time and money and not much of a show”. They are always trying to turn the flank at the double quick which made me very hot and tired but happy to find Yankees that know how to fight.

5)      I met a lot of good people that love the hobby and want to do things right.

6)      After each battle the Union Commanding Officer, Major Steven Reinke, got off his horse and shook the hand and thanked every participant in the battalion. That was really a grand gesture.

Your Obedient Servant,


2nd Sgt. Daniel A. Keith

4th MO Co E. Inf CSA

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