4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Mahaffie House April 2005

I also want to mention the Olathe event. Other than the trains & Daniel about getting blown up, I enjoyed the thing. I gotta tell you - If a lot of the 4th shows or if just a few, we are the premier unit on the field. You fellers try very hard and you make me proud.  Ladies, you made a nice camp and are a great addition to our little company. Col Williams worked his tail off and did a good job the whole weekend. My non-coms  - Harold, Daniel, Todd. You guys are 1st rate. You are helpful to all and you make my job easier. Jim & Diz are a couple of the best veterans you can ask for & I enjoy their company immensely. Josh & Robert are way ahead of where you would think someone with their lack of time in service would be. They conduct themselves as veterans and gentlemen. And of course, Travis - There is no better & that's a fact. Good job.

Capt Sam

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