Mahaffie House at Olathe, KS April 21st & 22nd, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Well this one had some surprises to it, good and bad.

Friday we set up camp. We had 3 gentlemen join us. These where fine fellows that double the size of our company. Yes I said “doubled”. Only 4 people from the 4th showed. Needless to say we did not get the bounty of $150 and our treasury is still $0.

Saturday started off with a fine breakfast cooked by Jim and Dizz. Then Duke straggled in. I was very happy to have Duke. So the 4th with its 3 add ons, combined with the 1st MO and the battalion went out for a morning skirmish. We pushed those dirty rotten yanks back into their fortifications and camps but in doing so we came to realize the true number of those invading loped eared Dutchmen. After a fine lunch, the 9th Texas joined with the 4th to make one grand company. The 1st MO battalion commanded by Col Girdner. He did fine job. We pushed those Yanks again off the field even though we faced two separate battalions of blue. A fine dinner and dance was provided by the locals. Love them mashed potatoes.

Sunday started off again with a fine breakfast. Some of us went to the church service. Then we had a skirmish in which we almost entered the Yankee encampment. We did take two prisoners. The 4th fell in with the 9th Texas again and we where aptly lead by Captain Brain Cox. We took several casualties and again reconnoitered the true strength of those evil blue demons. Duke, Casey, and Denise bravely went to the Yankee camp and rescued a Southern damsel being held captive by men who would not know the proper way to treat a woman if you slapped them in the face with the rule book. Soon after a peaceful lunch with some fair ladies we where again called upon to defend the South. The overwhelming odds where too much for us at this battle. It reminded me of many a battle (Corinth, Champions Hill, etc) where Missouri boys take an initial advantage but are lost due to the lack of support.

The Good:

  1. Being joined by Denise, Casey, and Kelly.
  2. More Yankees than you can count. We where out numbered at least 2 to 1.
  3. The battles.
  4. Sunday’s skirmish.
  5. I didn’t get blown up.
  6. Eating Sunday lunch with Debie, Michelle, Maxine, & Carolyn.
  7. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes breakfast. So good, we did it twice.
  8. Good weather to wear wool in.

The Bad:

  1. Never saw a Yankee take a hit.
  2. Plush grass everywhere except where I slept. Nothing but dirt, rocks, sticks, and acorns.
  3. Very cool nights.

The Ugly:

  1. Our attendance. Out of 12 that said they where coming, only 4 should up. Three called to cancel.
  2. The wind. Very strong wind. Really strong wind.




Captain Daniel Keith



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