Living History at Cassville, MO September 25th & 26th, 2008


As per your request here is the report from the action on September 27-28.  The company started to form on Friday evening of September 26th.  1st Sgt. Moran and Pvt. Hunt had found a suitable campsite and started to form the company street (it grew to two tents).  Myself and Pvt. Delker unpacked our gear and pitched our tent.  The night passed without incident.

On the morning of the 27th the rest of the company started to arrive.  Musician Franklin, Pvt. Duff, 2nd Sgt. Gentry, Captain Keith, and Major Looney made up the rest of the company, which was actually a detachment. 

During the late morning hours the detachment drilled in front of the civilians around Sister Liza's Medicine show.  The local civilians treated us to a lunch of Barbeque.  It was mighty tastey.   At approximately 1pm a Kansas Red Leg Patrol was discovered.  They were attempting to hang one of our Southern brethren.  We surprised those Lawrence scum and  the shooting got down right hot.  We did suffer two causalities but the rest of the detachment chased the no good Yankees straight to hell. 

The rest of the afternoon and early evening passed without incident.  Captain Keith, 2nd Sgt. Gentry, and Pvt. Duff left to attend to their families at home.  We were comforted with the arrival of Pvt. Martineau.

The following morning, Sunday 28th, came with the smell of flapjacks and bacon.  Pvt. Hunt did an outstanding job of cooking up Miss Cheryl's flapjack mix.  Mrs. Looney treated the rest of the camp to fried apples.  It was fantastic fare.

Pvt. Martineau filled in for Captain Keith on Sunday morning and he did a right nice job.  The sermon was on "Denying yourself" in order take up the Cross and follow Jesus.   After that, our hearts felt ready to do the days work.  We were to find that the Kansas Red Legs had not learned their lesson.  While out on a forage party we discovered a patrol harassing Sister Liza.  After they had left we approached Sister Liza's camp to see if she needed any assistance.  While there,  she and Miss Cheryl risked their lives by insisting that we take some food.  It was at that time that the Yankee patrol returned.  A blast from a shotgun announced their arrival.  Pvt. Martineau took some buckshot in the arm but was still able to perform his duty.  Not knowing how many there were and not wanting to keep the Ladies in the line of fire, we retired rather quickly.  In our haste to make sure the women folk were out of the line of fire, the bag of food was dropped.  It was at that time that we discovered that two Red Leggers had the audacity to advance on Sister Liza's camp.  Not wanting our Southern women molested by the Northern aggressor, we advanced back up to Sister Liza's camp, and we retrieved our food bag as well.   We were able to drive off the Lawrence men with hot lead.  Our hearts are grieved deeply because the Yankee scum had shot Miss Cheryl.  We are comforted with what the good book says, "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord".   I pray that he will use us to get his revenge.


Your Obedient Servant,

Laurence Bryan 

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