4th Mo Co E, Lee Birthday Party January 23, 2010

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

We met at the Wilson Creek Battlefield for our annual Lee/Jackson birthday party. It was a grand time had by all.

We voted on a schedule for 2010 and had a presentation by Larry Toll on Missouri State Guard uniform impressions.

Attendance was as follows:

Captain Daniel Keith

1st Lieutenant Scott George

1st Sergeant Laurence Bryan

1st Lieutenant Jim Bearden 1st Dis Mo

2nd Sergeant Charles Gentry

1st Corporal Chris Warwick

2nd Corporal Ryan Truster

Private Chris Benham

Private Diz Carver

Private Johnathan Clark

Private Harold Cox

Private John Duff

Private Greg Gentry

Private David Hunt

Private Clayton Kelly

Private David Martineau

Private Robert Martineau

Private Jim Moran


Kim Brueggemann

Carolyn Carver

Michelle Hilderbrand

Becky Keith

Katy Kelly

Katelyn Langford

Elizabeth Martineau

Randi Martineau

Maxine Moran

Teri Spenser

Rachel Vaughn

Jody Warwick

Christian Warwick

Zachary Warwick


Your obedient servant,

Captain Daniel Keith

4th Missouri, Company E


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