4th Mo Co, Lee/Jackson Birthday Party Jan 19, 2008



It is my duty to provide an After Action Report for the 2008 Lee/Jackson Birthday Party.

It is my pleasure to report that 25 soldiers, civilians, spouses, and friends of Co. E, 4th MO Infantry gathered on a cold January night to celebrate the birthdays of our beloved Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.  Forced marches were held from all across Missouri and many surrounding states to attend this wonderful event. 

One note of sadness as we remembered the recent loss of Cpt. John Kimmel, 9th Sharpshooters. And, we celebrated the joy of his life and our pleasure at making his acquaintance.  May he rest in peace.

Festivities were held at Biermann’s Restaurant in Freistatt, MO.  This German restaurant is located in a quaint German-Lutheran community wrested from the clutches of Gen. Siegel’s troops.  The community patriots welcomed us gladly and laid out a bounteous feast of beef, chicken, and brats & kraut (a local delicacy).  While some approached the cultural dishes with trepidation, it should be noted that the large tray of brats was completely empty by the evening’s end.  Many of the present company vowed to return to sample other local favorites.  The feast finished with a small cake, from a local young mother, decorated with the 4th MO’s flag and with other local sweets.

Before the feast, we enjoyed a social period where old friends were greeted and new acquaintances were made.  We enjoyed the décor quickly put together by Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Carol, and Ms. Debie including photographs of our beloved generals, paintings of great battles, various period decorations, and some moving pictures of our just completed campaign season.  We hung a First National Flag on the front of the building announcing to all passer-bys that patriots were present.  Our beloved First MO Flag adorned our upstairs room  

After the lovely repast, our Captain discussed plans for the upcoming campaign season.  All present were enthused about plans to drive the Yankees from our sacred Missouri soil.

The ladies then led us in a couple of parlor games that were actually quite fun.

We ended the evening by standing and singing Dixie led by our own Pvt. Harold Cox.

Respectfully Submitted,


Brevet 1st Lt. Scott George

Co. E, 4th MO Inf, 1st MO Batt.

Attendence of Soldiers:
Major Sam Looney
Captain Daniel Keith
1st Lt Scott George
1st Sgt Jim Moran
Private Travis Archie
Private Kellyn Bailey
Private Laurence Bryan
Private Diz Carver
Private Harold Cox
Private John Duff
Private David Hunt
Civilians in attendence:
Kim Brueggemann
Carolyn Carver
Debi Cornog
Heather Duff
Cheryl Franklyn
Michelle Hilderbrand
Mickie Hunt
Becky Keith
Maxine Mroan
Carol Price

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