Freezer Jam Fife & Drum corp. concert February 24th, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Saturday morning Becky and I headed up to St Louis to visit the Jefferson Barrack’s Sale and then drive to St Peter and enjoy the Freezer jam Fife & Drum concert.

The weatherman said that there would be occasional showers. Apparently, in St Louis “occasional showers” is a euphemism for “constant downpour”.

The Jefferson Barracks Sale was a disappointment, unless you consider a 5 family garage sale an exciting time. It was a little better than that but not much.

The Freezer Jam 07 was fun. Not quite what I had expected, but good. Apparently, just like Civil war reenacting, there is a sub-culture of late 18th & early 19th Century Fife & Drum with its own terminology and excepted knowledge base. Basically, the concert was the end of a day long seminar on Fife & Drum. The concert was a mix of formal to very free spirit.

The two best groups where “The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp” and the “Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corp”.

Old Guard

Lewis & Clark Fife and Drum Corp

The Lewis and Clark group is an association of 10-18 year olds out of St Charles, MO. They where very good. If you get a chance to go see them make sure that you do. It is worth your time.

Captain Daniel Keith

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