4th Mo Co E, Jefferson City, MO May 2006

The 4th MO CSA INF represented itself well last weekend in military and civilian style. The sapient desideration of all those attending was well founded. It was an event well enjoyed by all. Not the least of me. Both of my new soldiers were enthusiastic and excited to return for more action is the cause of the South. I did institute a new policy at Jefferson City. Morning inspection with be an inspection of weapons, gear, and clothing. Fines will me meted out to those who fail. ($.05 to $.10 unless it’s Jacob then its $1)


  1. Jefferson City was a great event with fun battles.
  2. Camp right next sutlers.
  3. Camp close to civilians.
  4. Having fun with fines at inspection.
  5. The good Col shooting the piece of paper stuck to his shoe at morning battalion drill. That was funny.
  6. My daughter, Virginia, became engaged.

The Bad:

  1. Having to fine soldiers at inspection.
  2. 2nd Sgt not fining soldiers at inspection Sunday AM.
  3. Blasting the Color Sgt who happened to be too close to the color company when he took hits front and back. Not blaming any one in the 4th because we had several that fell in with us but Sgt Shawn Bell took several hits in the back as well as the front. We might want to watch that.
  4. Coming out of the woods, “at the double quick!” run, run, run, run, run, run, “HALT!”, “In place, Rest!” What? How about walking briskly and then no resting is needed?

The Ugly:

  1. Not having MY top button buttoned at inspection.
  2. Giving up my blanket to Chris because he looked cold and then him using it as a pillow.

I am looking forward to seeing you at Cole Camp. That should be loads of fun too. 

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