4th Mo Co E, Battle of Fulton, MO July 15-16, 1995

 I got this off an old "Guardsman" that I found from July 21st, 1995. It is written by Colonel (Retired) Ted Prater. If I find anymore or if someone has more I will be glad to publish them.


We finally did one this year without any rain. The trade-off was temperatures in the 100 degree range.

All things considered I am very pleased with the turn out of members for this event. We had a total of eleven soldiers and two ladies make it for at least part of the weekend. Thanks to all of you who were able to make it and for enduring the heat.

We were unable to make a company on our own but were able to make arrangements before the event to combine with the 9th TX. In the end the 4th MO , the 9th TX and the 9th MO combinedd to field a thirty man company.

I commanded the unit on Saturday and the 9th TX Captain, Brad Amend, commanded on Sunday. Brad and I talked about making the combining of the the 4th MO and the 9th TX a regular thing when we have short numbers. This seemed to work OK but let me know your thoughts. This could be a workable arrangement unless there were some difficulties I'm unaware of. We have a few differences with some points of close order drill but nothing we each can't adjust for.

The battles were OK. We've done better and worse. Considering the heat on Saturday we did all we needed to do. I'm very happy to report none of our folks had any serious problems with the heat.

Again, thanks to everyone who could attend and I know those who could not were with us in spirit.

Ted Prater, Captain, Commanding

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