Battle of Blair Lane, Oct 17th & 18th, 2009


The Good:

1.       Falling in the 1st Dismounted.

2.       I enjoyed time spent with my pards.

3.       Bayonet drill and contest.

The Bad:

1.       Long drive for such a small battle.

The Ugly:

1.       We had terrible ground.  We should have been wiped out.

Those attending:

Captain Daniel Keith                           Maxine Moran

1st Sergeant Laurence Bryan          

2nd Corporal Ryan Truster                

Private John Clark                              

Private Jacob Delker                         

Private David Hunt                             

Private Clayton Kelly (Sun)             

Private Jim Moran                              


Dear Major Looney:

My compliments!

Most of the troops arrived Friday evening and encamped with the 4th occupying one side of the street and the 1st Dismounted occupying the other side.

Saturday morning the combined forces drilled mainly focusing on the skirmish drill. After company drill we were asked to form with the battalion for some more drill. Sometime after drill an enemy was spotted and the battalion formed a line in front of the corn field. We held at the initial on slot but I regret to inform you that my troops broke under the heavy fire. Pickets where posted through out the engagement. That afternoon the troops regrouped and moved on the town. As we attacked I noticed that Federals had all the positions of strength, yet our commander urged us on. We took heavy casualties.

Sunday Morning, 1st Lt Jim Bearden from the 1st Dismounted took command of the troops. He was very apt with the commands and in leading the men. We again moved into town and fought the federals. It was a tough fight after a long march.

Your obedient servant,

Captain Daniel Keith

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