4th Mo Co, Fort Towson, 1994

 I got this off an old "Guardsman" that I found from July 21st, 1995. It is written by Colonel (Retired) Ted Prater. If I find anymore or if someone has more I will be glad to publish them.

The 4th had one hardy soul make this campaign. He just happens to have made "Red River" also. Ted Prater, Captain, Commanding 

"Fort Townson. If you are a veteran of the Red River Campaign then the Last Surrender event would have brought back memories. It was hot, in the nineties, the troops marched a lot, about fifteen miles, they carried a lot of weight, three days rations, rifle and equipment, but we did have wagons for our knapsacks or bed rolls, and we had four good battles.

As the 4th was active at Prairie grove this private fell in with Captain's Back's foot cavalry, sometimes called the Trans Mississippi Rifles. SOme pretty good troops in the TMR but they do march fast. Perhaps they are the fastest marching unit in the field.

First time I ever camped in a cemetery, and a historic one too. Stones form the 1870's and surrounded by a rock wall. We could have held the Yankees a long time from such a good position. Well maybe, if they did not come while we were eating all those watermelons.

About thirty refugees, ladies and a few furture soldiers, made the entire march. You have to admire the determination and stamina of these folks and the cheers of the troops was heartfelt for their effort.

Sunday was a new experience, we loaded wagons, mules and horses, refugees and the troops aboard rail cars of the Kiamichi Railroad for a ride back to Fort Towson and the Last Surrender ceremony.

This soldier boy missed marching with his comrades of the 4th Missouri and knows that many of them would have liked to be there for the event. Will see you at the next one."

James Moran

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