4th Mo Co E, Hulston Mill, MO June 9th & 10th, 2007

 Hulston Mill June 9-10, 2007, was a good event on several different fronts.

 The Good

  1. Two young men joined our band of freedom fighters. Travis Archie and Andrew Kasmar. They both demonstrated skill and more importantly a willingness to do all that was asked of them. Andrew already has his full gear and Travis is a long ways down the road.
  2. Phillip Waldrop attended his first event after officially joining. Phillip has been a long time friend of the 4th and it was great to have him with us.
  3. Ed George and John Duff have rejoined us after a long absence. It was obvious that Ed’s back was really hurting him and he still hung in there with us through Sunday. I was impressed and most appreciative. John fit right in without missing a step.
  4. I had 3 possible new soldiers after talking with them at the event. One of the main reasons to do a close event.
  5. We got to meet the families of Michael Blewett, Charles Gentry and John Duff. Very good people.
  6. Even after all the no shows and cancels we still fielded 10 rifles on Saturday.
  7. The food. Charles has taken over the duties of quarter master and assigned men to help cook the food. Everyone (even me) pitched in.
  8. Becky and Rachel cooked us lunch Saturday. Very good and I am not saying that just because they are my family.
  9. When talking about buying a sword and its quality, Charles’ daughter, Jenna, said she “wanted it BATTLE ready!”
  10. Secluded environment. No traffic noise, trains, airplanes, etc.
  11. Dizz & Carolyn’s hard tack.
  12. Cabin fights! That was fun.
  13. An over all fun event.

The Bad:

  1. Four (4) people canceled before event started. Two of the cancels where people trying us out for the first time.
  2. I lost four soldiers before Sunday’s battle and only gained one. (THANK YOU! Greg!)
  3. Ticks & Chigger bites.
  4. Dizz didn’t bring is fire starting Greek fire.
  5. Deluge of rain.
  6. The place is hard to find.
  7. Saturday’s afternoon battle only a few (2) “Yanks” took a hit. We must very poor shots.
  8. Saturday, while in shade, I suggest that we to start taking hits. In the very next volley nearly my entire company is wiped out.

The Ugly:

  1. No NCOs.
  2. Three (3) people where no contact/no show. In other words, they said they where coming, didn’t’ come and didn’t tell anyone they weren’t coming.


It was a beautiful day.  Becky, Rachel and I arrived Friday afternoon around 4PM and set up camp. Travis Archie (new soldier) was there waiting and ready to lend a helping hand. Slowly soldiers started to trickle in. Met John Duff and told him some of the old guys where going to be there and he was happy and was happy to fall in with us.


We had a full day a head of us. This was not a fight one battle a day event. The first thing we did was have a cabin fight. There where MSG men and women where stationed and then without notice attacked by Union. We got the women out but then the shooting started hot and heavy. We lost a many a good man making our escape. A few more engagements where offered during the day involving a small number of our men, but nothing of great consequence. Later that afternoon the Yanks brought a supply wagon was brought to the mill to be filled with goods for the Yank army. The 4th hit them on there left flank and the Cav hit them on the right flank. Although we had surprise and tactics on our side, apparently our aim was bad, because the 4th was decimated and yet only one Yank was hit. Thanks to the bravery of our young colors bearer our colors where saved. The potluck dinner was nice and we enjoyed each others company eating on the lush grass in the cool shade.


Waking up to sounds thunder we quickly started breakfast. It was very fine eggs, potatoes, and bacon. Drilled the new soldiers some more. Just about to start church services when a deluge came. After 15 minutes I could preach with out much of a disturbance. We had another cabin fight. The Yanks didn’t fair as well on Sunday, being in the open while we where shooting from cover.

After lunch a group of Yanks brought a wagon to pick up supplies from the mill. We destroyed there ranks with only losing one man, which is good considering I was down to six (6).  With two cannon starting our fight, we moved quickly on them with cav support. They where slaughtered.


Saturday 6-9-7

Cpt Daniel Keith

Pvt Andrew Kasmar - New Soldier

Pvt Charles Gentry

Pvt Bob Modlin

Pvt Chris Warwick

Pvt Travis Archie - New Soldier

Pvt Ed George - New/Old Soldier

Pvt Dizz Carver

Pvt Michael Blewett

Pvt Phillip Waldrop

Pvt John Duff - New/Old Soldier


Sunday 6-10-7

Cpt Daniel Keith

Pvt Andrew Kasmar

Pvt Charles Gentry

Pvt Travis Archie

Pvt Ed George

Pvt Greg Gentry

Pvt Dizz Carver

Pvt John Duff


Ladies in attendance:

Becky Keith

Rachel Barnett

Carolyn Carver

Debi Cornog

Michelle Hildebrand

Heather Duff & Children (I forgot their names but they where very cute. I need grandchildren!)

Mary Blewett and son Jonathan

Tracy Gentry and daughter Jenna.

Charles Gentry sister “Laura”, I don’t remember her last name, sorry.

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