4th Mo Co E, Cabin Creek, OK September 29th & 30th, 2007

 Ladies and Gentlemen:

 I first would like to thank the following:

v  Colonel Sanders for allowing us to fall in with the Arkansas boys. It is always a pleasure to do so.

v  Dizz for coming for Saturday’s battle even though he had family commitments that meant he had to leave right away. Dizz is a very dedicated soldier.

v  Travis Archie, Kellyn Bailey, & Joel Sappington for coming to every event since joining up. More dedicated soldiers.

v  Jim Bearden for joining us once again. It is always good to have 1st Mo Dismounted represented.

v  Everyone else for showing up and helping out so much. We have really started to grow our company and I know it is because you gentlemen are putting an enormous amount of effort into this hobby. Thanks to you we will be one of the finest companies in the 1st Mo Battalion.

 The Good:

  1. The 1st Arkansas allowing us to join in.
  2. Jake Simpson falling in with us. Everyone knows he is the greatest fiddle player on earth. But he makes a fine soldier.
  3. Travis Franklin falling in with us with a rifle. I think it is time for the battalion to get a new drummer and have Travis start falling in with us.
  4. David Hunt (my wife’s uncle) “saw the elephant” for the first time.
  5. The night fight was fun. The dismounted cavalry got more spirited Yankees than we did but we still had fun.
  6. Saturday’s battle was fun.
  7. Sunday’s battle was fun except for the uglies listed below.
  8. The TMR. They where very well drilled and looked pretty sharp on the field.
  9. The boys on my right. The Captain name was John or “Granny”. I liked how he treated his men with respect and encouragement. We have a few officers in the 1st Mo battalion that could learn a lesson from him.

The Bad:

  1. Lost the stack arms challenge. We actually tied then lost in the run off.
    1. The good Colonel was being kind to our lads saying we tied with the TMR boys. The TMR boys where crisper and faster.

                                          i.    We actually won the tie breaker because the TMR boys put the butts of their rifles to far back which in turn made ours look to far forward, but it wasn’t worth the challenge since it was for fun and I thought the TMR boys won in the first place.

    1. I do believe we beat everyone else hands down. I think the 4th represented itself quite well. We even had a brand spanking new guy as one of our 4. That’s okay; I was the one that submitted the challenge. No excuses. We lost fair and square.
    2. I am thinking our NIV version of the manual we have is wrong with regards to stack arms. We should have waited for the entire command before we picked up arms. I am doing more research but will get back to you at a latter date.
  1. I didn’t take time to drill us as a company on either Saturday or Sunday. I apologize for that and won’t make the same mistake again.
  2. Our falling back was in disorder, which is what we wanted it to look like so I didn’t say too much. I was a little worried about safety but everyone was careful with their musket.
  3. Only having 5 men in our company to do battalion drill with. It looked pitiful.

The Ugly:

  1. “Right Face”; then “By Company in the Line”. I still don’t know what my company is supposed to do, but I will figure it out before the next time we fall in with the good Colonel Sanders. What we should have done when he gave the command is that every one of us took a hit.
  2. In Sunday’s battle, as we retreated and after the Yankees had passed over some of OUR dead boys, OUR boys got up reformed behind the enemy and then made a big U to get back in the fight. I am pretty sure the crowd and everyone else was saying “WHAT?”  At the time the only thing I knew to do was pull out my pistol and shoot at them. I have to think this was a miscommunication between the good Colonel and commander of those men.
  3. The feller standing way out on our left flank, I assume taking pictures of us during Sunday’s battle. We where attacked on our left flank by Union Cav and he is standing between them and the battalion with the TMR refusing our left flank. When approached by the Union Cav, instead of stopping and getting out of the way he turns and starts filming the Union Cav like he was at Disney Land. I would have shot at him also but the TMR boys where screening him.

Men in attendance:                                                       Ladies in attendance:

Lt Col Mike Williams                                                     Debi Cornog

Major Sam Looney                                                        Carol Price

Captain Daniel Keith                                                      Cheryl Franklin

1st Sgt Jim Moran                                                         Michelle Hilderbrand

1st Cpl Charles Gentry                                                   Carolyn Carver

1st Cpl Jim Bearden 1st Mo Dismounted.                         

Cpl Travis Franklin

Pvt Travis Archie

Pvt Kellyn Bailey

Pvt Dizz Carver

Pvt Mike Fry

Pvt David Hunt

Pvt Joel Sappington

Pvt Jake Simpson

Pvt Phillip Waldrop


After action report:


Colonel Sanders:


I would like to respectfully report the 4th Mo participation in the action at Cabin Creek. Part of my company reported for duty Friday evening. Stragglers continued come in until Saturday evening after the battle.

Saturday morning parade called by General Huckabee was done differently than what we have done in the 1st Mo battalion, but we where able to conform. Being guest we tried to conform to every rule of our Arkansas brothers. We where placed in the left wing of the battalion. Morning drill went okay for our company, but since one of our privates was asked to be drummer and the rest hadn’t arrived yet for the parade we only had five men to drill with. The only problem we had was the “left face” and then “by company in the line” commands. I must apologize and hopefully I will remedy that by the next time we fall in with your command.

The 1st Ark battalion’s battle plan was well thought out. The left wing of the battalion attacked the Union camp straight on while the right wing and colors attack on their right flank. We drove the Unionist out of there camp with much destruction. The 4th Mo only had two enlisted casualties. 1 wounded and 1 killed.

Much merriment was had over our victory. We even had our own musician play for us. Also after the battle we had each man in our unit de-wormed.

We did conduct a night patrol and had a minor engagement with the Yankees.

Sunday morning we had service which was well attended by the 4th Mo. Then men where all fed and ready to fight on.

Sunday’s battle had us defending the camp we had secured on Saturday. Cannon and cavalry took a heavy toll on the moral of the men. We fell back in somewhat of disarray and took heavy losses. We lost 7 enlisted men on that day.

We retreated to our original camp site and marched away in good order. We will reform and perform our duty at Bentonville, AR.

Respectfully submitted by


Your obedient servant


Captain Daniel Keith

4th Mo, Co E, Inf CSA

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