4th Mo Co E, Drill/Lee Birthday Party Feb 3rd 2007

 This is an AAR of sorts.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Attached you will find our schedule for Two Thousand And Seven in the year of our Lord.

We have ten more events schedule for this year. Events where placed on the schedule if over half of the men present voted for the event. We have nothing schedule in November or December. We might add something to schedule later for those months.

Events of interest are events that at least one person voted for. I might have missed an event that Travis voted for, but he basically voted for every event on the proposed schedule. I love that Travis.

To those of you that were unable to attend, please take a moment and tell me what events you think you can attend. This is very important. Either respond by email, written correspondence, or telephone.

If you decide to go to an event that is not on the schedule, please let us know so that all of us can consider it also.

If you need a ride to an event, please let me know. I will arrange something.

On April 14 & 15, Newtonia is having a little living history. They would love for anyone who wants to come that is not going to Defiance, MO. If you want more information let me know.

In response to all the inquiries, Jefferson, TX is near Shreveport, LA. According to MapQuest it is an 8 hour drive from Bolivar, MO. It is a 7 hour drive from Carl Junction, MO. The Battle of Port Jefferson, TX is the largest re-enactment in the great State of Texas.

Great news:

v  Philip Waldrop has decided to join the 4th.

v  Ed George called me and said that he was wanting re-join us.

I have two major goals for the 4th MO.

1.  Be one of the best units in the battalion. (Drill, impression, etc.)

2.  Field a 30 man company of our own men.

These are lofty goals but I think we can accomplish them.

Finally, I am very excited about the coming year. I think we some very good events on the schedule and I look forward to serving with you on the field of honor.

Captain Daniel Keith

4th Missouri,

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