4th Mo Co E, Drill March 17th 2012


Billings MO

March 17th 2012

The Good:

  1. The Numbers. We had a good showing from the company including all the NCO’s, thank you to everyone that helped make it happen.
  2. The yard was perfect to drill on. The variations and surprises worked well, better than a parade deck!
  3. The Captain joining us in the afternoon to review our work and prep us for Shiloh
  4. The weather was clear and warm
  5. BBQ is always a plus!
  6. Continuing the newbie singing tradition
  7. The campfire therapy

The Bad

  1. It was a bit windy
  2. Only 2 showing up with period footwear. No better way to drill then in the boots/shoes you will wear in the field.

The Ugly

  1. All those vehicles parked next to our “camp”  (works for most reenactments so I added it here.

Those in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith

1st Sgt Laurence Bryan

2nd Sgt Clayton Kelly

1st Cpl Jim Bearden

2nd Cpl John Ezell

Pvt (1st Lt) Scott George

Pvt Jim Moran

Pvt Jacob Delker

Pvt Douglas Coburn

Pvt Anthony Eden

Pvt Tony Venute

Pvt Dalton Wright

Pvt Eldon Rose

Pvt Ty Shirley

Pvt David Whitby

Musician Ian Ezell


Misses Diana Bryan

Misses Maxine Moran

Captain Daniel Keith

March 17, 1862

I am pleased to inform you that the NCO’s and several of the men, local and from afar, were able to assemble at the homestead of 1st Sgt Bryan on this pleasant spring day. By the morning campfire we reminisced our time together on the fields of yesterday and discussed those of our future.

After our late morning coffee we took to the manual of arms and drill practice to shake off the rust. Stacking Arms drill has greatly progressed to the point we should have no problems even with varying weapons. Soon more of our men began showing up to fall in. They have taken to Hardees manual very quickly and we will be ready to engage our enemies on the field of Honor when the time comes. Our practice was rewarded with warm smiles and waves of acknowledgement from the locals as they passed by on the road adjacent to the field. I am sure they will proudly pass the word that the men of Missouri are out and will stand for them and their rights. We did have our musician Ian keep an eye about for Yankee spies and sympathizers while we drilled, just in case.

Upon your arrival we were able to demonstrate our practice for your approval. The company then completed the days exercise with Skirmish drill under your command. The men are in high spirits and I know our practice will pay off in the campaigns of this year. The 1st Sgt. then treated us to a fine BBQ as a finish to our day.

Your obedient servant

Cpl John Ezell

4th Missouri INF Co E

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