*** Company muster at the Nathan Boone Homestead in Ash Grove, MO March 21st, 2009 9AM - 4PM ***

This year's company muster at the Nathan Boone Homestead in Ash Grove, MO is rapidly approaching. This is so close and it is only a day, every one should come!

The address is Nathan Boone Homestead, 7850 N. State Hwy. V, Ash Grove, MO 65604 417-751-3266

I and a few others will be spending the night Friday night. The gate closes at 5PM but they will leave it unlocked for us. You will just need to open the gate and drive down to the house. Go straight, don't turn left. We will park down by the homestead to unload but then move our vehicles before the park opens Saturday morning. If you are planning on spending the night Friday night, please email me back and let me know.

A company breakfast and lunch will be offered. It will cost $2 per meal.

Tim Fields will be joining us as a surgeon. He will also be selling tubes for $.04 a piece.

Please arrive and be ready by 8:45 AM. We will start at 9 AM sharp. We have several things to go over and talk about and we will get some drilling in also. We will be on public display.

Missouri State Guard is the preferred dress.

If you need gear, please email and remind me what you need. I don't remember what everyone has used in the past.

It is a beautiful site.

This schedule might change.

9:00 AM Weapons inspection and safety guidelines (MCWRA)

9:30 AM Drill

10:30 AM Company Drill for public

11:15 AM down time - Maybe a demonstration.

12:00 PM Lunch (We have a cook) It is $2 a meal if you or your men would like to join us.

13:00 PM Skirmish drill ?

14:30 PM Company Drill for public

16:00 PM Break camp


If you want to be added/dropped from the list please contact me ASAP.  


Those who are supposed to attend:

Captain Daniel Keith                                        Kim Brueggemann (?)

Captain Bill Wayne - 5th Mo

1st Lieutenant Scott George                                 Carolyn Carver (?)

1st Lieutenant Jim Bearden - 1st Dismounted Mo              Debi Cornog

1st Lieutenant Christian Shuster - 3rd Mo                   Michelle Hilderbrand

1st Sergeant Shawn Horan - 5th Mo

1st Sergeant Jim Moran                                      Jamie Stepaniak & Friends

2nd Sergeant Charles Gentry                                 Surgeon Tim Fields

1st Corporal Chris Warwick   

2nd Corporal Laurence Bryan  

Private Diz Carver (?) 

Private John Clark     

Private Jacob Delker   

Private John Duff

Private Greg Gentry    

Private David Hunt 

Private Travis Holtmeyer - 5th Mo    

Private Dustin McDonald

Private David Mills

Private Gary Morris - Polk County Rangers    

Private Brent Paschell - Polk County Rangers

Private Jack Robinson  

Private Jim Robinson - 5th Mo Light Art.

Private Ty Shirley     

Private Larry Toll     

Private Ryan Truster   


Your obedient servant,


Captain Daniel Keith

4th Mo Co E Inf, MSG/CSA