4th Mo Co E, Christmas Party Decemeber 5, 2010


Fourth Missouri Christmas Party,

December 5th, 2010

David & Mickie Hunt’s Farm


The Good:

1.      David Hunt opening up his home (barn) for us.

2.      The food.

3.      Seeing everyone one.

4.      Singing carols.

The Bad:

1.      My singing!

The Ugly:

1.      The dogs howling while I sang. It almost hurt my feelings.


Soldiers in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith              

1st Lieutenant Scott George     

1st Lieutenant Jim Bearden (1st Dismounted, Mo)         

1st Corporal Chris Warwick    

Private Diz Carver                  

Private John Clark                   

Private Harold Cox                 

Private Jeremy Delker             

Private David Hunt                

Private Clayton Kelly              

Private Jim Moran


Civilians in attendance:

Kim Brueggemann

Carolyn Carver

Deb Clark

Charlotte George

Alyssa Gonzales

Anna Gonzales

Noemi Gonzales

Sarah Gonzales

Veda Gonzales

Mickie Hunt

Becky Keith

Katy Kelly

Maxine Moran

Christian Warwick

Zach Warwick



Dear Major Looney;

My Compliments!

I pray your furlough to home for this Blessed Season is going well and you are finding warmth and good cheer with family and friends.

The men and families of the Fourth gathered at Private David Hunt’s place of residence on the December 5th of this year for a grand time. Food, although scare due to the war and red legs scavenging was plentiful our meager get together. We are thankful for what the Good Lord has provided.

We mainly reminisced about old times and better days. Carols were sung and your humble servant imposed on the listeners of my rendition of Twelve Days of Christmas!

My lovely wife sung “Rock of Ages” for us which was far superior to my solo.

All in all, we had a grand time.

Please take care and have a very Merry Christmas.

Your obedient servant,


Captain Daniel Keith

4th Missouri



The twelve days of Christmas by Captain Keith:

On the first day of Christmas a private gave to me;

A musket to be cleaned!


On the second day of Christmas the 2nd Corporal gave to me;

A shove in the mud


On the third day of Christmas the 1st Corporal gave to me;

Why won’t he come!


On the fourth day of Christmas the 2nd Sergeant gave to me;

Why won’t he come!


On the fifth day of Christmas the 1st Sergeant gave to me;

Don’t you mean left face, Sir!


On the six day of Christmas the 1st Lieutenant gave to me;

Six female soldiers!


On the seventh day of Christmas the Color Sergeant gave to me;



On the eighth day of Christmas the Sergeant Major gave to me;



On the ninth day of Christmas Major Looney gave to me;

"Have the 4th Missouri take the Cannons at Jefferson City” because we are the best company in the battalion!


On the tenth day of Christmas Lieutenant Colonel Williams gave to me;

By left company face into the battalion ummm, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!


On the eleventh day of Christmas Colonel Amend gave to me;

“Deploy as skirmishers and advance while firing!” because we are the best company in the battalion!


On the twelfth day of Christmas General Huckabee gave to me;

“You take and hold that position” because we are the best company in the BRIGADE!

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