4th Mo Co E, Cassvillle, MO Nov 13 - 14, 2004


Price’s Retreat through Cassville, Missouri

The Good:

1.      My nephew Jason Keith joined us.

2.      My friend Todd Stewart joined us.

3.      Saturday’s battle was pretty good.

4.      We would have wiped out the Yankee cavalry when they mistakenly rode in front of us thinking we were unloaded. Only half were unloaded.

5.      I preached in the rain.

6.      Sam commanding a 40 man company.

7.      Lots of firewood.


The Bad:

1.      Cold

2.      My preaching in the rain.


The Ugly:

1.      Lots and lots of rain.

2.      Sunday’s battle being called off due to rain.

3.      Low battalion numbers due to first day of deer hunting season.


Those that I remember in attendance:

Major Mike Williams

Captain Sam Looney

1st Sgt Yancy Franklin

2nd Sgt Harold Sites

1st Cpl Mike Gibson

2nd Cpl Richard Morris

Musician Travis Franklin

Private Scott George

Private Daniel Keith

Private Jason Keith

Private Jim Moran

Private Todd Stewart


Cheryl Franklin

Carol Price

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