4th Mo Co E, The Bolivar Sweat, July 15th & 16th, 2006

 All was quite for Friday night July 14 in Bolivar, MO. Half the troops arrived and setup camp.

Saturday morning, July 15 started well with a good breakfast and fine morning cool breeze. Mid morning we where joined by many recruits and drilled for the local citizens. Saturday afternoon after lunch during another recruiting event the Yankees attack and murdered a fine young lady (called a princess by one of the young locals) and a brave officer who single handedly starred down the Yankees. 2nd Sgt George quickly got his troops out of their doldrums in camp and flank the unsuspecting Yankees. Although the Yankees fought hard they where overmatched by the skill and bravery of the proud men of the South. Later a comrade was remembered at a local grave yard. In celebration of the victory, a grand meal was shared by all.

Sunday, morning there was no breeze and the early morning hotness seemed to be ominous. We had a fine Sunday morning church service along with a good lunch. A dance was schedule to celebrate the victory of the previous day and all was well until another squad of Yanks appeared and took the unarmed Missouri boys by surprise. The murderous Yanks started off by killing an unarmed man and three women. Armed with fine rifles and one Spencer repeater the Yanks made quick work of the entire body of men. The Yanks had one mortally wounded man and the local doctor finished the work of the death’s cold hand. An angry sergeant dispatch the short sided doctor to meet his maker.

I can not even begin to tell everyone how much I appreciated your willingness to do whatever was asked and to cheerfully put up with the heat. I am sure this will be remembered as the “Summer Sweat Fest of 06”.  Despite 100 degree heat everyone moved forward with the plans I had laid out and it humbled me that you put your trust in me.

The Good:

  1. Everyone that showed up was in good spirits through out the whole weekend.
  2. Virginia’s trip and flop during the walk/run through. It was hilarious.
  3. The Spencer. That was too cool.
  4. Roy Platte being the only Yankee. He was a good sport.
  5. Tim Fields amputation of a leg made a little boy faint. When people are fainting you have done a good job.
  6. There is more I should mention I know but this email would 3 times as long as it is now if I mention everyone and no one would wade through it all.
  7. The Back Porch Players. Wasn’t planning on having live period music but, “hey” that worked out great and they where very good.

The Bad:

  1. Even at my own event, the Yankee camped right next to the Sutler and the battlefield. How did that happen?
  2. It was a little hot.
  3. The march back from the cemetery. That was hard.
  4. It was hot.

The Ugly:

  1. Did I mention it was hot?

I had lots of fun and want to thank you very much.

I wanted to try this event to try to increase our numbers as a unit. I think we got one solid recruit and two other good possibilities.

We also got good reviews from several spectators. You, my friends, deserve all the credit.

Your humble servant,

Daniel Keith

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