4th Mo Co E, Company Elections Sept 12, 2009

Company elections held at Bolivar, MO:

Captain Daniel Keith - 2 years

1st Lt Scott George - 1 year

1st Sgt Laurence Bryan - 2 years

2nd Sgt Charles Gentry - 1 year

1st Cpl Chris Warwick - 1 year

2nd Cpl Ryan Truster - 1 year


The Good:

1. Elections went smoothly

2. Several folks stopped by to visit

3. Practiced bayonett drill

4. Had bayonett contest with wooden muskets and bayonetts

5. Not near has hot as last time we did something at Bolivar!


Soldiers in attendance:                                       Civilians in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith                                 Kim Brueggemann

1st Lieutenant Scott George                      Katelyn Langford

1st Lieutenant Jim Bearden 1st Dis Mo      Maxine Moran

1st Sergeant Jim Moran                             Teri Spencer

2nd Corporal Laurence Bryan                    

Private Chris Benham                         

Private DJ Bente                                

Private John Clark                               

Private Jacob Delker                   

Private Jeremy Delker                        

Private John Duff                                     

Private David Hunt                                  

Private Ryan Truster                               


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