4th Mo Co E - Bentonville, AR Oct 22 & 23 2006


I had a good time. The battles where fun and it was fabulous to have Yankees that likes to fight.

No offence to the good Colonel but I don’t think our trap worked at Saturday’s tactical. Unless, of course, you consider sticking your own head in a big bear trap a well orchestrated plan then I will acquiesce. J

I do need to ask for your forgiveness and prayers for my Sunday morning attempt to decapitate the bugler boy who was dancing Saturday night with my daughter, Virginia. Sometimes I let my temper get away from me. J I need to thank Shawn & Mississippi for stopping me from doing something I might have really enjoyed at the time but regretted later.

The best line of weekend was from Virginia. During the Hat Dance it was her turn to whisper a sweet nothing into the ear of a Yankee private. Her sweet nothing was and I quote:

 “I don’t believe I could ever bring myself to say anything nice to a Yankee in uniform!”

I love that girl!

I really appreciate everyone and what they contribute and their forbearance on my struggle to become a good 1st Sergeant.


Daniel A. Keith


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