4th Missouri Company E, CSA/MSG


The Good:

  1. Everyone pitching in and being so helpful. What a great bunch of fellas to be with. Being with the 4th is what made this event fun.
  2. Picket duty. I am sure am proud of those Yankees for starting something with us. That was FUN!
  3. Storming the cannons was cool. (I can’t believe no one used the quote “Have fun storming the castle!”)
  4. The 1st MO getting wiped out Sunday was well done. I overheard the Yankees commenting on how well it looked.
  5. Job well done by Capt Looney and Cpl Stewart and Cpl George.
  6. Yankees in the Camp! Oh my. That was so funny. Then the recreation of it Saturday afternoon was great.
  7. Shawn Bell carrying our Van Dorn flag into battle. I was proud.
  8. Jim’s cooking.
  9. Attendance at church service. Thanks
  10. Jacob didn’t lose his musket.
  11. Travis on the drum.
  12. Doc and Todd mouthing the Yankees during the picket fight. I don’t condone all the language but the intensity was great.
  13. Josh starting the picket duty fight.
  14. Sam’s quote “Not good enough!” BOOM!
  15. By company in the line! We had never practice it as the first company in the battalion, and Sunday we didn’t have our captain and we still did it to perfection. The 4th MO is good!
  16. Scott giving me a ride to the parking lot.
  17. The 9th Texas capturing 22 yanks. Not to say the 4th MO is better, but we would have captured 50 and killed at least 30.

The Bad:

  1. No prayer before battle on Sunday. I am sure that is why my boy was killed during Sunday’s battle. How am I going to tell mama that her boy is dead?
  2. I am so frustrated with the confederates being treated as red headed step children.
  3. Water was better than at Franklin but still needs some work.
  4. I think my wife, who stayed home in Missouri, had a shorter walk to the sutlers / civilians than we did.
  5. Low numbers.
  6. Duke getting stepped on.
  7. Driving home that night!

The Ugly:

  1. Yankees in the camp! Yankees in the camp!

Thanks to all who participated.

Daniel A. Keith

From: Sam Looney 

Reading a 1918 Confederate Veteran magazine I came across this about the fight for Corinth: " Another Yankee colonel reported that the thermometer showed 108 in the shade during the battle, and altogether it was the hottest October day that Mississippi ever saw."

For as screwed up as it may have been generally, I enjoyed the event. Our leaders, Huckabee, Sanders & Amend served us well. Some things will stay in my memory maybe forever. My personal highlights:

Friday night's picket fight. That was different & really a lot of fun for us all. Close to a cross over, I am there deal.

Saturday morning - Jim coming up the lane with a pot of hot coffee. Oh and also, "Yankees in camp. Yankees in camp."

Saturday battle - Pistol duel with a yankee officer on top of the fort. He took a hit in the shoulder, great. He was quickly avenged when 2 yankee infantrymen drilled me.

Saturday during the rain - everyone huddled up under the fly. As Lynyrd Skynyrd once said "Oooo, that smell. Can ya smell that smell?" Good friends.

Sunday morning church service - 1st rate Josh & Daniel.

After battle - Did not get stuck, whew!  Carol & Cheryl had things packed and ready to go, bless em.

My thanks to all that were there to make this unforgettable.

Anyone have anything that also stood out for them?  Share.



Travelling to & from the event with Carol & Cheryl. They made the miles melt away. Shopped in Hardy, stole cotton, visited cotton gin and had a picnic. Top notch.

Sharing a gumblanket with Bigstick Williams. I was very nervous at first, but he was a gentleman.

Col. Brad being pursued through camp. I thought it was a Yankee, but the thing looked an awful lot like Capt Albert.


A Lady's Thoughts about Corinth, Oct. 2005

 Stopping at the Cotton Gin...the trip to Mississippi/Tennessee and back ...Captain Sam squired Cheryl and I around like a pro!

Cheryl's startled scream at bedtime when a mouse stared back at her from under her pillow!

Sharing the heat, humidity, night time coldness, food, hot coffee, and cold root beer.

Girl Talk. 

Laughing.... Laughing....and  Laughing more.

Watching Cheryl and Pam trying to spin that cotton from the gin.

Reading to each other from our 1850-60's books about cures, proper etiquette and temperance.

Gentlemen visitors in camp (when they could find the time to check on us....) Thank you for caring about our welfare.

Playing parlor games under our fly with a group of laughing ladies Friday night.

Catching the rain water in our buckets and pans when Pam's tent was threatened.

Dancing in the dark by the "facilities" (with each other since our fellers were too far away to survive the walk).

Worrying about the guys....being told Captain Sam was down with the heat.....then being told he was alright....

Listening to the guys laughing, talking and sharing their stories...

Carol Price

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