4th Mo Co E, Battle of Carthage May 14-15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Fourth being the host company of the event we dressed in Blue since that was what was needed. I was asked to be overall commander of the Federal Forces. This event was a good event and we had a good time.

The Good:

  1. Our numbers. Both civilian and soldiers. We had a total of 35 soldiers and 14 dressed out civilians. It was great to see everyone there and I thank you for your attendance.
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Scott George; Major Jim Bearden; Sergeant Major Jim Moran. I would have been in shambles if I had tried to be Colonel with no help. These men were priceless.
  3. Captain Laurence Brian, 1st Sergeant Ryan Truster; 2nd Sergeant Clayton Kelly; Corporals Jacob Delker and Dalton Wright. The 4th was in great hands.
  4. Saturday’s lunch provided by the civilian corp. It was really nice.
  5. Saturdays fight! I thought the fight went great.
    1. The Yank artillery moved with us as we retreated to the edge of the park.
    2. The Cavalry we did have was harassing the Missouri State Guard at all junctions.
    3. Our retreat was orderly and well done. I am very happy with how it all worked together.
    4. Hand to Hand combat. Colonel Amend commented on how well he thought it went and real it looked. I watched for about a second and then turned my head to the horde of Missouri State Guard falling upon us.
    5. It was great to see Bob Harrington. Steve Cottrell and Bob were the snipers and are past 4th members so I am counting them in our numbers.
  6. Sunday’s Tactical
    1. Taking the guns. General Huckabee said after the battle, that he "thought I would respect the guns." I responded with, "no one told me".
    2. Target rich environment.

    The Bad:

    1. We started off great at the tactical, but I should have committed to attacking the MSG quicker. I tried to destroy them before the Arkansas boys attacked us from where I knew they would come. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20.
    2. Feet sore from the downtown fight.
    3. Saddle sore from Sunday’s tactical.

    The Ugly:

    1. The blister on my left heel from Saturday’s fight.
    2. Underwear hanging from our flag poles Sunday morning.
    3. My hat being stolen by the 9th Texas. I give them high marks for ingenuity. One of these days I will repay them for their kindness.

    Soldiers in attendance:

    1. Colonel Daniel Keith
    2. Lieutenant Colonel Scott George
    3. Major Jim Bearden
    4. Sergeant Major Jim Moran
    5. Captain (Ret) Bob Harrington (Sat)
    6. Private Steve Cottrell
    7. Captain Laurence Bryan
    8. 1st Sergeant Ryan Truster
    9. 2nd Sergeant Clayton Kelly
    10. Corporal Jacob Delker
    11. Corporal Dalton Wright
    12. Musician Ethan George
    13. Private Alec Casado
    14. Private Diz Carver (Sat)
    15. Private John Clark (Sat)
    16. Private Shawn Conley (Sat)
    17. Private Harold Cox
    18. Private Jacob Delker
    19. Private Jeremy Delker
    20. Private Justin Denson (Sat)
    21. Private John Duff
    22. Private John Ezell
    23. Private Ed George
    24. Private David Hunt (Sat)
    25. Private Levi Jarrett
    26. Private Tim Jones
    27. Private Chris Leigh
    28. Private Robert Martineau
    29. Private Matthew Osborne
    30. Private David Simpson
    31. Private Jake Simpson
    32. Private Harold Sites
    33. Private Brad Smith
    34. Private Kris Spencer (Sun)
    35. Private Matthew Woolfolk

    Civilians in Attendance:

    1. Carolyn Carver (Sat)
    2. Olivia Casado (Sat)
    3. Rebekah Casado (Sat)
    4. Ariel Eastburn
    5. Alyssa Gonzalez
    6. Ana Gonzalez
    7. Sara Gonzalez
    8. Michelle Hilderbrand (Sat)
    9. Becky Keith (Sat)
    10. Rachel Martineau (Sat)
    11. Maxine Moran
    12. Elizabeth Osborne (Sat)
    13. Katelyn Spencer
    14. Teri Spenser
    15. Sara Turner
    16. Jaime Woolfolk

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